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Oh my god finally 2020 has given me something good. I’m getting a live action Netflix Assassin’s Creed show! As the title says I’m so fucking excited this is literally my favorite game and it was just yesterday that I got 100% sync on Assassin’s Creed 3. This is a god send, I’m going to be floating on air for at least the next week because of this news.

It’s also great because I don’t need to much to be the same as the games for me to love it. Of course I would love it to be Ezio’s/Desmond’s storyline because they’re my favorites so far but I don’t actually need that to love it. All I really need is awesome parkour, hidden blades, and the creed to be spoken at least once in it’s entirety. That’s the great things about Assassin’s Creed is that the universe is so open that they could make up some new story lines. But if Netflix does choose to do Ezio’s and Desmond’s storyline then that could probably last them 3 to 4 seasons and more jumpy, climby, staby the better!

I can’t wait till Netflix tells us more about what the plot and casting is going to be and if they put as much effort as they did into The Witcher this show is going to be great. I just hope I don’t have to wait years for it because I need this now! But hey at least the knowledge that this is happening makes up for losing so many news movies this year.

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I just want to share the awesome pumpkin I carved! I am super proud of it, it might me relatively simple but I think it’s great. I was actually worried that it wouldn’t have worked out so I pre-cut holes out of paper with the picture and shined a light through it to make sure it worked and it did! The hardest part was putting a candle in at the right place to make sure the light shined through the back! I hope you like it as much as I do!

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Press F to pay respects

I was planning to post about something else but I received some terrible news today that needs to be shared.

My local Taco Bell/KFC has closed and no one knows why! And anyone who knows me knows that Taco Bell is my go to fast food and if theres any drink I love more then Dr. Pepper it’s Baja Blast. This is very bad for me because I don’t think I can survive if my only access to Taco Bell is like 20 minutes away! It was one thing for KFC to replace the potato wedges with those shit fries that belong in the deepest pit of hell, it’s another thing all together for Taco Bell to not exist within 2 miles of me! I just hope that it will open up again soon under new management because I won’t make it the rest of this month without my Baja Blast and #1! So please pray for me and my dearly departed Taco Bell.

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Clouds review

I watch the Disney+ movie Clouds this weekend and it was a very good movie. For those who don’t know Clouds is about a young man with terminal cancer who makes music with his last months. It was a tearjerker with some good comedic parts to lighten the mood so your luckily not crying the entire time. Also the casting compared to the real people was phenomenal, like seriously I was super impressed when they show you the real people at the end of the movie. The main character was actually really inspirational with how they never give up.

All around I give it a 9 out of 10 . The only reason it doesn’t get a 10 out of 10 is honestly because it’s basically like every other terminal cancer movie and being a person who prefers action supernatural stuff it gets kinda repetitive. But I still suggest to watch it if you can!

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To haunt or not to haunt

As many people know in the game Among Us when you get killed you become a ghost and can still run around the map and finish tasks. Which F.Y.I. kinda doesn’t make sense because you know you’re a ghost, and ghost can touch things. But that’s not the purpose of this post, the purpose is to share an idea I have for future updates in the game.

My idea is that when you are a ghost you should be able to choose a player to “haunt”. By that I mean that person will be the only living person that can see your ghost around. I love this idea because this would be perfect for the times you get voted out because one person lied and caused everyone to follow them for no reason. Just imagine what would be going through the persons head who was the instigator of your death and the ghost of the person who they got killed is just following them around. I think this could also make people actually try finding proof instead of yelling sus for no reason since they can actually see the consequences of their actions. Plus it’s the only way that that player can know how pissed off I am for being killed just because I was sus. I’m not bitter your bitter!

But really I feel like it would be a fun addition to the game!

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Artemis Fowl Review

So, I finally got around to watching the Artemis Fowl movie and it was a shit show! Which I knew going in sadly from the trailer alone. The entire plot was complete wrong which isn’t even the worst part! Anyone who has read the books know that Artemis is not a hero, he only cares about 2 things his family and making money. This movie completely said fuck that and decided to ruin a great and unique storyline and character to make some stupid save the world from the bad guy thing.

The most confusing part is they tried to bring in important plot points from the book but it made no sense with this hero underplot they tried to bring in. It was also super strange that they brought in stuff from the second book which was just why why did you do that. There were only 3 good things about this movie. One was Fowl Manor which was fucking gorgeous that also couldn’t have been ruined because it wasn’t described that much in the book. Two the casting of Artemis Fowl I liked the actor who plays him but thats it. And three was also the character/casting of Mulch, he was probably the only accurately portrayed character everyone else was way more weak and pathetic then they were in the book.

Overall this movie was a piece of shit that had unnecessary changes and additions to a perfect story. Why it took 19 years for Disney to make this massive fuck up is unknown and I hope they realized Covid saved them from an embarrassing box office flop and took this as a learning experience that if their going to make a live action of a series that has a huge following they shouldn’t change things for no reason.

So all in all it gets a 1 out of 10 (90% of that 1 is Fowl Manor, damn that house was awesome).

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Dexters Back! Now what?

So as you might have heard Showtime is brining back Dexter for a limited series event, which is super awesome! But I’m more interested in what this might mean for other shows.

We all know that a bunch of shows are getting remakes but the only ones so far that have “come back” are older comedy shows like Will & Grace. So I feel like Dexter coming back even if it’s just for a limited time is opening up the door for other shows to be revived if it’s profitable.

The shows that I think could be the ones that have a chance of coming back from the dead would be the ones that were “ended” instead of “cancelled”. There are plenty of shows out there that had and still have huge fanbases but only got cancelled because they lived out their story and Dexter coming back is a perfect test run for other channels to see if beloved shows that ended could succeed if they came back with the same characters. I like to imagine that if the episodes of Dexter have huge ratings that other TV channels will follow in their foot steps and bring back other fan favorites.

But besides fan favorites I feel like this could be a huge opportunity for some shows to get a second chance if you will. Since I watch too many shows of course I’ve had to deal with shows that were cancelled after only one season and I feel like this might be the chance these shows needed to come back to a time thats better for them. Like there are some shows that I believe were “ahead of their time” by this I mean that they didn’t come out at the right time. Like the show The Cape which was a superhero show but it came out just before everyone started making superhero tv shows so it didn’t make it past the 1 season mark. I believe/like to think that if it came out now it would get way more love from viewers and thus would get more seasons. It’s also the same for shows that were on before viewers started to use social media to convince channels save shows and show them that people do love the show. So, I hope that a relatively newish show like Dexter actually coming back and not being a remake might allow for some of my favorite shows to come back to life. Of course this is just my optimistic hopes so that I have something it wish for.

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Nothing’s better then Percabeth

Oh man I just finished re-reading Percy Jackson and The Olympians and that series never gets old! I love it so much and will probably keep re-reading this series till the day I die! Which means that I will keep going through the same pain seeing Percy go through more and more shit over and over again. Thats not even mentioning watching Percy and Annabeth dance around there relationship for 5 books. But man do I love me some good old Percabeth!

But that’s what you have to deal with when re-reading one of your favorite series of all time… the pain of watching the characters do the wrong things again.

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Movie Reviews FYI

Not that it matters because Regal is closing again but heres some mini reviews of the movies that I did go and see while the theater was opened.

Words on the Bathroom Walls– 10 out of 10

It was a very good cry which is exactly what I wanted! Thats all thats needed to be said about it.

The New Mutants– 5 out of 10

It only gets 5 because we all know it’s useless and is not gonna count in the MCU because of Disney buying Fox. But besides that was rather blah and the kids in it were kinda stupid. I mean seriously there is only 1 doctor and 5 kids in this creepy asylum duh it’s not a good place. So the only reason to see it is the fact that there are no other movies to see.

Tenet– 9 out of 10

If Covid didn’t fuck over the theater going business it would have probably made box office records. But it definitely deserves the title of blockbuster. The only reason it doesn’t get a 10 out of 10 is it could have explained its time travel rules a little more for those people who aren’t sci-fi experts *cough cough my sister cough cough*.

The Broken Hearts Gallery– 7 out of 10

It was a fun watch and the characters were great and super entertaining! The only thing i wished it had was a nice scene to cry at then it would have been perfect.

Well those are the only movies I got to see in theaters so hopefully 2021 will get better.

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He’s here, He’s there, He’s every-Fucking-where. Roy Kent!

If you’re confused you suck and need to watch Ted Lasso right now! I don’t want to spoil any big plot points but it’s super fun to watch! So first I’ll tell you about the basic plot, it’s about Ted Lasso an American football coach who becomes a coach of a British soccer team. Yup it’s as problematic for Ted as you might think but he never lets it get to him. That’s the best part of Ted Lasso is his optimism in all he goes through. Which is surprising when he has to deal with an entire country and his team calling him a wanker for half the season. The best part of this show is the characters!

  • Obviously Ted Lasso= the optimistic coach
  • Coach Beard= Ted’s quite friend and co-coach that possesses all of Teds soccer knowledge and much more
  • Nate the Great= the kit manager who knows more then people think
  • Roy Kent= the team captain whose dialogue is 80% the word fuck
  • Rebecca= the team owner whose going thru some stuff
  • Oh and you can’t forget Keeley= whose famous for being semi-famous

Forget any plot I’d watch this show over and over again just to see these 6 characters going about their lives because they’re so entertaining.

Now I know your probably wondering but where can I watch this show thats super funny and entertaining to watch? Thats the sucky part its an AppleTv+ show so you have to pay for it or find it elsewhere *wink wink* but thats up to you.