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Dear Evan Hansen Review

I just saw Dear Evan Hansen and honestly I underestimated how much I would cry. I went in expecting to cry since movies dealing with mental illness/suicide always make me cry but I felt like I spent 70% of the movie with at least tears in my eyes. Which anyone who watches emotional movies knows, is a good thing.

I also finally learned why people were all about this when it was a Broadway musical. The music combined with the message made it a really good movie so I can only guess what it would have been like on stage. I just had one problem with the movie, which I think was also a problem other people had, and that’s Ben Platt playing the main character. Obviously I understand why he played Evan, it’s just every time there was a lull in the movie I kept thinking how it looks wrong them trying to make him look younger and it not really succeeding. Because no matter what they did he didn’t look anything like a high schooler unlike the rest of the actors and actress who can easily pass as teenagers. So, it didn’t necessarily ruin the movie but it definitely didn’t help so all together I’d have to give it a 6 out of 10.

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Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings Review

When I first heard about this movie I got super excited because I never heard of this character before and I was really interested to see what it be like. And let’s just say I was not disappointed. I feel cliché and like I’m copying even single commercial when I say this but this movie is indeed breathtaking, magical, beautiful, awe-inspiring, and every other word they like to use for every commercial ever.

I honestly enjoyed this movie so much and it is definitely one of my top 5 MCU movies(I’m a diehard Iron Man fan so nothing can really top those ones). I’ve talked about this before in another review but this movie had that spark! You know, that something special that makes it stand out from the other MCU movies. Whether that’s the flawless fight choreography (I mean seriously that shit was top notch), the amazing duo of Simu and Awkwafina together (loved them!), or Shang-Chi’s amazing jacket that I may or may not be sexually attracted to…just kidding(or am I?). But serious time now, I had so much fun watching it. It was action packed, funny, and emotional at times. This movie was made even better for me knowing that Simu wanted to play Shang-Chi so bad. For me when I know how much an actor or actress loves a character I can feel that when watching it and it makes it that much more better. So, as you might have guessed I give this movie a defiant 10 out of 10.