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Dune Review

Honestly I have kind of a hard time describing Dune, it almost seems like an epic to me. And because of that I almost feel like anything I say about the movie won’t do it justice. So I’ll just mention a few of the things I loved about the movie while trying to not spoil anything big.

My favorite part about Dune is the flawless combination of the futuristic and the mystical. There’s just something about seeing high tech ships one minute and then the next seeing someone in what could only be described as spiritual garb that I really enjoy. But seriously I love it when a story is able to combine both sci-fi and fantasy, it just feels fulfilling to me. Like it scratches both of those genre itches at the same time which is great. I also super loved the variety and uniqueness of the ships. I feel like in most sci-fi shows and movies all the ships are similar to each other but Dune had an abundance of uniquely designed ships. All of which made me really excited.

I also really enjoyed both the cinematography and sound design. The filming, CGI, setting, and of course the acting was beautiful and amazing! Every actor and actress in this movie felt perfect for their role. But what really got me was the sound design, it truly enhanced the mystical and mysterious circumstances surrounding Paul.

All of this made this an extremely engaging movie to watch but I feel like I do have to add that this movie definitely not for everyone. Basically if you don’t like complex stories that require you to pay close attention, understand context clues, and that leave things to be fully explained till the end then you most likely won’t like Dune. But if those are your cup of tea like they are for me then this movie would be an 8 out of 10.

P.S. I am very eager for part 2!

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No Time To Die Review

I feel very conflicted with this movie, on one hand it was a perfect end to a Bond era but on the other hand it was kind of an average movie. Now don’t get me wrong there was nothing wrong with the movie and it was super fun to see in theaters, but if I didn’t have Regal Unlimited I probably wouldn’t see it a second time.

I just felt like it had everything that was required of it and that’s it. It had the nice cars, cool gadgets, and of course the bad ass fight scenes. But all of that is overshadowed by the ending. Not necessarily the end of the actually movie but more of the fact that this was the end of Daniel Craig’s Bond. Since this was the end of the only Bond I personally watched I guess I was expecting some type of huge crazy send off and so the ending I got was just satisfying but not amazing. So all together I would give it a 7 out of 10.

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Venom: Let There Be Carnage Review

Comedy then carnage. Carnage then comedy. Which is exactly what you get with Venom’s sequel, and it is perfect. The whole time I went back and forth between laughing and gasping which was great. That’s what I think makes the first one and Let There Be Carnage so great. They’re movies that don’t take themselves too seriously, you’re basically given the opportunity to just enjoy some crazy destruction while laughing.

But honestly the destruction comes second place to the dysfunctional relationship between Venom and Eddie. I mean come on, I love those two together! Just seeing them trying to live together is hilarious. I can only imagine what trouble those two will get into in future sequels. Which brings me to the insane mid-credit scene! I’ve been seeing people describe it as a doozy and since I don’t want to spoil anything for anyone so all I have to say is that it is exactly that a doozy. Most mid and post credits are kind of vague but this one is anything but!

I only have one complaint with this movie and that is the same one for the first movie too (which a lot of people would agree with) and that is the fact that it should be an R rated movie. More explicit violence and carnage is the only thing that would make it better since that would make it fit to the characters more accurately.

All of this combines to making Venom: Let There Be Carnage not only a great sequel but a great movie on it’s own and I would give it an 8 out of 10.