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BattleBots S06 E08: Predictions

I did okay last week so still aiming for a perfect score.

Malice vs. Blacksmith

I’m not super confident on this one but I think Blacksmith might win this one.

Black Dragon vs. Claw Viper

If Black Dragon doesn’t win this I will be shocked.

Gigabyte vs. Smeeeeeeeeeeee

This will either be a long fight or Gigabyte will win right away. But either way I think Gigabyte will win.

Glitch vs. Hydra

I want Hydra to win this one but from the last time we saw Glitch we know it has such low ground it gets stuck so I’m afraid it might have lower ground then Hydra. But I trust Hydra will know how to deal with that.

Tombstone vs. Free Shipping

This is another fight that if Tombstone doesn’t win it will be a crazy upset.

Ribbot vs. P1

I think Ribbot will win this one.

End Game vs. Sawblaze

Why do they have to keep doing fights that make me feel conflicted! I want Sawblaze to win with out a doubt but I also know that End Game is really tough to beat so it’s anyones game.

Captain Shrederator vs. Jäger

If Captain Shrederator doesn’t win then something is wrong with the world.

As always lets see how many I get right.

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BattleBots S06 E07: Predictions

Sadly once again I did pretty bad last week at my predictions so also once again it’s time for me to redeem my self.

Bloodsport vs. Subzero

If Bloodsport can avoid Subzero long enough to spin up then I think they’ll win.

Cobalt vs. Ghost Raptor

This one I’m not sure with but for some reason I think Ghost Raptor will win.

Icewave vs. Deadlift

I think Icewave has the advantage in this fight so I’ll say they’ll win.

Blip vs. Overhaul

I feel like Blip will win this one.

Huge vs. Retrograde

This is another hard one, Huge has a better chance at damaging Retrograde but like Whiplash that one time Retrograde does have the chance at getting under Huge and stopping their weapon. But I’m still going to go with Huge on this one.

Copperhead vs. Fusion

Even though Fusion has been doing better this year I’m still going to go with Copperhead for this fight.

Whiplash vs. Skorpios

This is a hard one for me because I love hammer saws but between Whiplash and Skorpios I actually like Whiplash more so I’m going to root for them to win.

Switchback vs. Slammo!

This is a very weird fight so I’m not sure but I guess I’m feeling Switchback. I feel like their too much of a weird shape for Slammo to grab.

As always let’s hope I get at least 2 right because if I get less then that I’m a failure to the only sport I care to watch!

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Death on the Nile Review

You know it’s pretty often when a trailer/ad claims the movie has a bunch of twists but it’s not often it being completely right! But Death on the Nile is one of those movies. Now I didn’t actually see the first movie but after seeing this one I’m probably going to watch it soon because I really really enjoyed watching this movie. This movie did indeed keep me guessing the whole time, which is fantastic for a murder mystery.

Besides the intriguing mystery I also loved Poirot and Bouc! They were my two favorite characters in this movie. Seeing the friendship between them and seeing their different sides made this movie whole. By that I mean it made the movie more then just a murder mystery it gave it a heart. I just enjoyed watching this movie a lot so I’m going to give it an 8 out of 10. It would have been a 10 out of 10 but I wasn’t able to guess the outcome.

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Marry Me review

I thought this movie was really cute but I liked it for a completely different reason then most people probably did. That reason is the fact that it is based off an online graphic novel I read a long time ago! When I first saw the trailer for this movie I immediately suspected this was the comic that I read and so I looked it up and low and behold I was right. I got really excited seeing a comic I knew become a movie with a serious cast because it got me hopefully that other webcomics I’ve read might make it on the big screen to someday. But let’s get back to the movie.

If I’m being honest the movie was very different from the comic which most people probably won’t know that. Truthfully only the bare bones were the same but I surprisingly still liked it. It helped that it was a pretty unique story so the details of characters didn’t really matter that much to me. It kept the fun, heart, and even the silliness that I loved from the comic which is all that matters. All I know is that it is a great romantic comedy for Valentine’s day week and people will have fun watching it. So, I have to give it a 7 out of 10.

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BattleBots S06 E06: Predictions

Only got a few wrong last week so I’m still trying to get that perfect 100% correct predictions. Maybe this week?

Rotator vs. Black Dragon

Plain and simple I think Black Dragon will win this one.

Lucky vs. Blade

Now I know Blade didn’t get a good start but I feel like it’s such a weird shape that Lucky might not be able to flip it successfully so I have to go for Blade this time.

Dragon Slayer vs. Minotaur

I’m iffy on this one, I could see Dragon Slayer winning, but ultimately I think Minotaurs weapon is stronger so I have to go for them.

Pain Train vs. Yeti

This has to be Yeti all the way. If it’s any other outcome then the hell has frozen over.

Hijinx vs. Kraken

This is one of those hard fights for me to guess because my heart and brain say different things. I could see Hijinx winning but I really like Kraken so I have to root for them.

Defender vs. Riptide

You know I’m not sure but I’m just feeling Defender on this one.

Hypershock vs. Lock-Jaw

Oh no, not another fight that I have no idea. Once again 2 very evenly matched bots so I just have to go with my gut and it says… Hypershock.

Deep Six vs. Smeeeeeeeee

I think it might take a second for Deep Six to get a good angle but as soon as they do the fights theirs.

And once again lets see how I do this time.

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BattleBots S06 E05: Predictions

I redeemed myself last week with 7 out of 8 correct so hopefully I can do the same or better!

Free Shipping vs. Uppercut

With how powerful Uppercuts weapon is I think they will win this one.

Blacksmith vs. Shatter

Now this is one of those that I have to admit to myself that the other bot might win but I have to root for my favorite which is Shatter.

Jäger vs. P1

I’d have to go with P1 with this one, they seem more durable.

Hydra vs. Gruff

This is another tough one but once again I’ve got to root for my favorite in this fight which is Hydra.

Gigabyte vs. Captain Shrederator

Oh gosh I have no idea with this one so I’ll pick randomly… um Captain Shrederator.

Dragon Slayer vs. Duck

Normally I would chose the bot with the spinner versus the lifter but I think Ducks famed durability will win this one.

Endgame vs. Witch Doctor

I think Endgame has the upperhand in this fight so I’ll go with them.

Valkyrie vs. Triple Crown

I’m not quite sure how with how unique Triple Crown is but I still think Valkyrie should win this one.

Okay lets hope I can do just as good as last week but lets see.