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Live-action Mulan Review

I finally watched the new Mulan on Friday because I refused to spend an extra $30 for a movie that I knew in my heart would be a huge disappointment. And surprise surprise it was. So, lets talk about the things Disney did to ruin my second favorite Disney movie of all time one by one. Sorry if this will give spoilers to some people but if you wan’t to be remotely entertained by this movie you need to go into with your eyes opened to the butchering of one of the greatest Disney classics.

First, they “replaced” the great and powerful Mushu with a phoenix! The only thing this phoenix added to the movie was that it was pretty. It did absolutely did nothing but fly around Mulan occasionally. As where Mushu was helpful, funny, and added to the story the phoenix was a “trophy” animal companion. It was just pretty with no purpose.

Second and even more important was the music! This is the thing that really really pisses me off because that is what makes a Disney movie a Disney movie! Especially with Mulan, if I wanted just a normal Mulan story I would watch the actual Chinese made ones. It was even worse that a couple times they played instrumentals versions of the songs that were weird mashups of multiple songs. All in all they ruined it by not including what many would say is the best Disney song of all time!

The worst thing they did was making Mulan into some super skilled witch with magic fighting skills. One of the best things about Mulan was that she became the awesome badass she was through hard work and practice. They completely ruined that by making her perfect at the beginning. The whole magic thing they added into the movie ruined the realisticness of the original movies plot.

Everything I heard about Mulan before it came out was that they wanted to make a culturally accurate movie so they had to change things but everything they changed just ruined the greatness of the original instead so it was a 5 out of 10.

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Finally my favorite reality competition show is back, BATTLE BOTS! I’m not a huge reality competition show watcher but when I discovered Battle Bots a few years ago I got hooked right away. I love watching it sooooooo much.

There’s just something about robots fighting that satisfies that primal need for destruction. The fire, shrapnel, and robots flying 10 ft in the air is just so fun to watch! It also makes it better that there’s never any mention of prize money, so if there is any that’s just second to the pure joy the teams get from fighting robots.

So, now that it’s back everyone needs to watch it!

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Artemis Fowl The Last Guardian

I finally finished the Artemis Fowl series! Now in my defense the set of books I “liberated” from my sister was missing the last 2 books so I had no idea for the longest time that I wasn’t actually done when I thought I was. So, I recently got the last 2 books for my birthday so I reread the the entire series before I read the last 2. As anyone whose reread books know it’s relatively calming because you mostly remember everything that happens. Occasionally you’ll forget something and be surprised for a little bit but in the end when you’re rereading a book nothing is really new so you’re emotions are safe. Now those emotions are extremely in danger when you’re reading a new book, especially when you know those books are the last ones in the series. The entire time you’re reading the book you’re wondering is this it? Is this when my beloved characters meet their end? Do they meet their end? Will they win? Who knows? I surely don’t!

All of these thoughts went through my head when I was reading Atlantis Complex and The Last Guardian and I was loving it! I don’t actually want to say anything about how the series ends because everyone needs to read the Artemis Fowl series for themselves no matter there age! The thing that I really want to mention is the fact that the last 4 sentences of The Last Guardian where the same as the first 4 sentences of the first Artemis Fowl book! I honestly don’t know why but this made my heart burst, it filled me up with so much joy. I’ve dealt with so many different types of endings, some great and some horrible(I’ll complain about those type some other time) but this ending was perfect. Having the sentences be the same made it feel like everything was wrapped up perfectly and it covered every need I had for a satisfying ending. Which is all that really matters for a series finale of anything.

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Ocean’s Prequel Series

Recently I got an idea for an awesome show that I would love to watch! Can you guess what it is? That’s correct, it is a prequel to the Ocean’s movies. I have no idea how you figured it out! But seriously after I watched 11, 12, and 13 multiple times in a random order I thought of an idea for an Ocean’s series and I thought I might as well write it down and put it into the world and maybe the great TV show gods will grant my wish.

So, my idea is that the show would take place when Danny is in his like mid 20’s or 30’s(something like that) and it would show how Danny becomes a big name in the criminal world. And throughout the series Danny would meet almost everyone from the movies in different cons and thefts. Now you’re probably like what about the young guys like Linus who wouldn’t born yet or be toddlers. Well for some of the characters they sadly wouldn’t be able to show up like Yen but for Linus Danny could meet his parents or something like that. There could also be flashbacks to Danny as a child and his families as criminals. I also imagined that the show could some how(probably some time jumps involved) get to Danny meeting and marrying Tess and the show would end with Danny successfully stealing the Incan Matrimonial Head masks and Rusty being like “you won’t be able to sell them though” and Danny’s like “we’ll see” and it ends there and anyone’s who remembers the first movie would be ooooooooh that how he goes to prison!

Obviously that’s not a lot of detail but I would just love to see the background of the characters and how they met, plus I love thief shows.

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Black Beauty(2020) review

First off I had no idea that Disney was even making this movie let alone that it was already out so that was a surprise to me. Now I’m not a die hard Black Beauty fan or anything but I have read at least some of the book (can’t remember if I read it all) and have seen at least the 1994 movie. So I am clearly the number 1 authority on all things Black Beauty without at doubt.

All in all the movie was a good watch but I without a doubt liked the 1994 movie way better. The biggest problem was that they made the movie take place in modern times. As a lot of people know Black Beauty goes through a shit ton of abuse and trauma and before I even started the movie I was confused on how are they going to explain the type of abuse that takes place in 2020. Call me an optimist but I like to think that the stuff that Beauty goes through would be much harder to happen now then it was in the 1800’s. Now I’m not saying that I didn’t feel bad for the modern day Beauty (I definitely teared up once) it just wasn’t as bad as the abuse that the past Beauty went through.

The second problem I had with 2020 Black Beauty was that they basically changed a movie about a horse to a horse girl movie. Some of you may be confused about the difference so I’ll give you a very basic way to tell the difference, a horse movie is about horses a horse girl movie is about the relationship between the girl and horse. Classic Black Beauty is an honest horse movie just about the horses life and maybe a little bit of the human/horse relationships. This 2020 movie was 90% about the relationship between Black Beauty and this girl Joe, it’s sweet I’ll admit it but it’s just a little boring to me.

So, all around I’d give it a 6 out of 10 it’s a good watch but not as good as the old one.

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VR Storytime

Okay first some explaining for those who don’t know, I have a Vive VR headset and with the Vive you have your VR Home. This home is basically where you start and from there you can go to the different games you have, but the interesting part is that you can customize it. So, my VR home is a fancy apartment floating above Gotham city (and for those who know me it was the nerdiest one I could find that’s why it’s sadly not HP or Iron Man themed). Another thing about your home is that there are also random objects like furniture, books, and even snow piles that you can change the the size of and put around your home.

So, last month or so I was doing a Beat Saber(basically DDR but you slice things with swords) session with my friend. We were trying out the new multiplayer mode that was finally added and we were having so much fun, but as anyone whose played Beat Saber knows that game is a work out. So, after we got tired we “went” to my VR Home and we were just “walking” around messing around and looking at Gotham. This is when one of us tried to see if the game would allow us to drop things of my balcony. We both assumed at first that it wouldn’t, like I thought that it would just float in mid air or something like that because I didn’t think the game would have something like that programed in. But then when we dropped a coffee mug of the balcony guess what it did! Thats right it fell! For some reason that entertained us so much.

Once we realized we could drop things we just assumed that it just disappeared at some point. But then after dropping bigger things like a bed and bookcase we both were like “wait I think I see it on the ground! I doesn’t just dissappear!”. That’s when we started getting really into dropping things, we both were finding any item we could and we would make it as big as we could and just started chucking things of the balcony like our life depended on it, it was great! Honestly I have know idea why we found throwing plates bigger then my head off a balcony and watching it get smaller and smaller until it just stops and sits on the ground so fun but it was.

But seriously I had the same amount and maybe even more fun just dropping things of a ledge in a virtual apartment then I did playing an actual game. That’s why VR is so much fun because even the simple things are awesome in VR.

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The Boys appreciation post!

No, not The Boys series but The Boys youtube group. And before I get to the appreciation part of this post The Boys are they are a group of five youtubers by the names of JoshDub, Mully(who are in Australia), EddieVR, Juicy, and Your Narrator (who are in America) for those who don’t know.

Now time for the appreciation! In this crazy time The Boys simply just make me happy. It’s honestly not even the videos that they make that make me happy (but those are great too), it’s the friendship between them. I follow all of them on their different social media accounts and you can tell that they are real friends. With a lot of youtubers I’m always left wondering do they really like these people they play with or are they just playing with them because the fans like it. But with The Boys I can tell that they aren’t faking their friendships, not only because they’ve actually met in person but they also constantly talking to each other on social media. Hyping each other up, making fun of each other, everything that real friends do.

I think the reason that The Boys being real friends and not just 5 guys who play games together makes me so happy is that it gives me hope that you can make real lasting friendships online. Even if those friends are on the other side of the world if you put some effort into it they can become more then just online friends.

I also think they are wholesome and the true good definition of what “boys being boys” is. Sure some of their jokes might be a tad inappropriate for small children but for the most part they just do stupid entertaining stuff like being obsessed over a jiggly shrimp in a VR room. And that brings a smile to my face everytime.

Now if it somehow comes out that they faked being friends for the fans I will be saddened and furious. But that’s not going to happen. Right? But seriously go check out The Boys youtube channel it’s supper fun to watch.

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Oh my god finally 2020 has given me something good. I’m getting a live action Netflix Assassin’s Creed show! As the title says I’m so fucking excited this is literally my favorite game and it was just yesterday that I got 100% sync on Assassin’s Creed 3. This is a god send, I’m going to be floating on air for at least the next week because of this news.

It’s also great because I don’t need to much to be the same as the games for me to love it. Of course I would love it to be Ezio’s/Desmond’s storyline because they’re my favorites so far but I don’t actually need that to love it. All I really need is awesome parkour, hidden blades, and the creed to be spoken at least once in it’s entirety. That’s the great things about Assassin’s Creed is that the universe is so open that they could make up some new story lines. But if Netflix does choose to do Ezio’s and Desmond’s storyline then that could probably last them 3 to 4 seasons and more jumpy, climby, staby the better!

I can’t wait till Netflix tells us more about what the plot and casting is going to be and if they put as much effort as they did into The Witcher this show is going to be great. I just hope I don’t have to wait years for it because I need this now! But hey at least the knowledge that this is happening makes up for losing so many news movies this year.

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I just want to share the awesome pumpkin I carved! I am super proud of it, it might me relatively simple but I think it’s great. I was actually worried that it wouldn’t have worked out so I pre-cut holes out of paper with the picture and shined a light through it to make sure it worked and it did! The hardest part was putting a candle in at the right place to make sure the light shined through the back! I hope you like it as much as I do!

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Press F to pay respects

I was planning to post about something else but I received some terrible news today that needs to be shared.

My local Taco Bell/KFC has closed and no one knows why! And anyone who knows me knows that Taco Bell is my go to fast food and if theres any drink I love more then Dr. Pepper it’s Baja Blast. This is very bad for me because I don’t think I can survive if my only access to Taco Bell is like 20 minutes away! It was one thing for KFC to replace the potato wedges with those shit fries that belong in the deepest pit of hell, it’s another thing all together for Taco Bell to not exist within 2 miles of me! I just hope that it will open up again soon under new management because I won’t make it the rest of this month without my Baja Blast and #1! So please pray for me and my dearly departed Taco Bell.