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No Time To Die Review

I feel very conflicted with this movie, on one hand it was a perfect end to a Bond era but on the other hand it was kind of an average movie. Now don’t get me wrong there was nothing wrong with the movie and it was super fun to see in theaters, but if I didn’t have Regal Unlimited I probably wouldn’t see it a second time.

I just felt like it had everything that was required of it and that’s it. It had the nice cars, cool gadgets, and of course the bad ass fight scenes. But all of that is overshadowed by the ending. Not necessarily the end of the actually movie but more of the fact that this was the end of Daniel Craig’s Bond. Since this was the end of the only Bond I personally watched I guess I was expecting some type of huge crazy send off and so the ending I got was just satisfying but not amazing. So all together I would give it a 7 out of 10.

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Venom: Let There Be Carnage Review

Comedy then carnage. Carnage then comedy. Which is exactly what you get with Venom’s sequel, and it is perfect. The whole time I went back and forth between laughing and gasping which was great. That’s what I think makes the first one and Let There Be Carnage so great. They’re movies that don’t take themselves too seriously, you’re basically given the opportunity to just enjoy some crazy destruction while laughing.

But honestly the destruction comes second place to the dysfunctional relationship between Venom and Eddie. I mean come on, I love those two together! Just seeing them trying to live together is hilarious. I can only imagine what trouble those two will get into in future sequels. Which brings me to the insane mid-credit scene! I’ve been seeing people describe it as a doozy and since I don’t want to spoil anything for anyone so all I have to say is that it is exactly that a doozy. Most mid and post credits are kind of vague but this one is anything but!

I only have one complaint with this movie and that is the same one for the first movie too (which a lot of people would agree with) and that is the fact that it should be an R rated movie. More explicit violence and carnage is the only thing that would make it better since that would make it fit to the characters more accurately.

All of this combines to making Venom: Let There Be Carnage not only a great sequel but a great movie on it’s own and I would give it an 8 out of 10.

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Dear Evan Hansen Review

I just saw Dear Evan Hansen and honestly I underestimated how much I would cry. I went in expecting to cry since movies dealing with mental illness/suicide always make me cry but I felt like I spent 70% of the movie with at least tears in my eyes. Which anyone who watches emotional movies knows, is a good thing.

I also finally learned why people were all about this when it was a Broadway musical. The music combined with the message made it a really good movie so I can only guess what it would have been like on stage. I just had one problem with the movie, which I think was also a problem other people had, and that’s Ben Platt playing the main character. Obviously I understand why he played Evan, it’s just every time there was a lull in the movie I kept thinking how it looks wrong them trying to make him look younger and it not really succeeding. Because no matter what they did he didn’t look anything like a high schooler unlike the rest of the actors and actress who can easily pass as teenagers. So, it didn’t necessarily ruin the movie but it definitely didn’t help so all together I’d have to give it a 6 out of 10.

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Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings Review

When I first heard about this movie I got super excited because I never heard of this character before and I was really interested to see what it be like. And let’s just say I was not disappointed. I feel cliché and like I’m copying even single commercial when I say this but this movie is indeed breathtaking, magical, beautiful, awe-inspiring, and every other word they like to use for every commercial ever.

I honestly enjoyed this movie so much and it is definitely one of my top 5 MCU movies(I’m a diehard Iron Man fan so nothing can really top those ones). I’ve talked about this before in another review but this movie had that spark! You know, that something special that makes it stand out from the other MCU movies. Whether that’s the flawless fight choreography (I mean seriously that shit was top notch), the amazing duo of Simu and Awkwafina together (loved them!), or Shang-Chi’s amazing jacket that I may or may not be sexually attracted to…just kidding(or am I?). But serious time now, I had so much fun watching it. It was action packed, funny, and emotional at times. This movie was made even better for me knowing that Simu wanted to play Shang-Chi so bad. For me when I know how much an actor or actress loves a character I can feel that when watching it and it makes it that much more better. So, as you might have guessed I give this movie a defiant 10 out of 10.

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Free Guy Review

This movie was perfect! 10 out of 10!!! I mean how can it not be… its got Ryan Reynolds. But seriously this movie made every nerd/gamer part of me happy. Every part of it was great. The action sequences… great. The acting… great. Special effects… great. Comedic lines… super great. The unexpected celebrity and Youtuber cameos and easter eggs… super super amazingly great. And of course the entire plot/concept… Perfect.

You might think I’m going over the top but honestly I loved this movie. It was extremely fun to watch (especially since I could feel superior to my family since I knew who all the Youtuber cameos were and they didn’t). I literally can’t think of a single thing I didn’t like about this movie. This movie is without a doubt the best movie in theaters right now and hopefully is just what theaters need to get people to come back to the movies. So, once again this movie was a 10 out of 10 and everyone needs to see it!!!

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Jungle Cruise Review

I’m going to keep this short and sweet, I was pleasantly surprised by Jungle Cruise. I went in expecting a shallow treasure hunt movie, but instead I got a movie with a lot more heart, action, and even some twists. It also had some spectacular special effects/CGI that at times caused the only thought in my head to be “beautiful”. But honestly the best part was Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt, those two working together in this movie was like cookies and cream. Perfect together. All in all this movie was very enjoyable to watch and deserves a 7.5 out of 10.

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Snake Eyes Review

There was so many things that I loved about this movie so I’m just going to list of everything that I loved.

  • First and foremost I had so much fun watching this movie. It had me saying “NEEEEEENJA” to myself so many times, which is a sure fire sign that a ninja movie is great in my eyes.
  • Motorcycles, Motorcycles, and motorcycles. I love cool high tech motorcycles so they fill me with joy every time I see them.
  • The costumes! Especially Snakes Eyes’s outfits, I loved how his outfits were a perfect combination of traditional and modern. It looked so cool.
  • Oh and don’t forget… Henry Golding. I love me some Henry Golding.

Obviously there are more things I liked in the movie but these were my favorite parts, and these alone made the movie great in my eyes. Now I know people had some problems with this movie, mostly because of the fact that Snake Eyes talks and that his classic suit is only in the movie for like 5 seconds. I admit that they fucked up using the suit in all the advertising material. They should have not shown it all and then it would have been a great surprise at the end seeing the suit. Now the talking part is not actually a big problem for me because with the subtitle of G.I.Joe Origins I went in thinking that this was just going to be the start. By that I mean hopefully this is only the first movie and that next one would have the cause of why Snake Eyes either doesn’t or can’t talk. So all together I give this movie an 8 out of 10.

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Black Widow Review

This might be late but as they say “better late then never”, so I’m going to dive straight in. All around Black Widow was a top tier movie but when you compare it to the rest of of the MCU it was actually kind of a low tier movie in my opinion. Obviously it had great acting, filming, special effects(you know the works), which is to only to be expected from an MCU so that doesn’t really amaze me anymore. Besides the basics I felt like the movie was lacking that special something that makes most MCU movies so great.

But I think the biggest reason why Black Widow was a let down for me was my massive disappointment with how they did Taskmaster. Now I’m no super fan or expert on Taskmaster but I was really excited to see what they did with the character. I was looking forward to seeing a badass cold-hearted mercenary who only cared about making money. I especially wanted that cliche line… you know the one that goes like “It’s not personal, it’s just business”. But instead of that we got a lobotomized trauma victim, which when you compare Taskmaster to the other Widows in the movie it wasn’t anything different. So, they basically turned someone who could have been a really unique character into a prop.

Now you’re probably thinking all of this means I think you shouldn’t see the movie but you’d actually be wrong. Sure it’s not the greatest movie but it’s defiantly worth it to see in theaters. Especially when you look at it as supporting movie theaters and even Scarlett Johansson. So, all around I would give the movie a 6.5 out of 10.

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Mortal Kombat Review

I’m getting straight to the point with this one, this movie was super fun. A 7 out of 10! It had everything you’d want in a movie version of a very violent fighting game.

  • Great CGI ✔️
  • Cool costumes✔️
  • Interesting and Unique Characters✔️
  • No complex unnecessary plot✔️
  • And best of all beautifully violent and blood deaths✔️✔️✔️✔️

All of that made this an extremely fun movie to watch, which is all it needed. A lot of critics today are too focused on movies having a deeper meaning or being super complex that they forget that sometimes all a movie needs is to be fun to watch. And that’s what Mortal Kombat was, it was simply fun to watch. I didn’t have to worry about plots extending 10 movies or deep thought provoking plots, all I had to do was enjoy the bloody insane fights to the death. The only negative I had with the movie was that I never heard the word FATALITY! So, hopefully the covid box office won’t stop them from making more movies with even more blood, death, and FATALITIES! Woooohoooo!