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Sk8er Boi Movie Idea

I’ve been thinking about this idea for a while now after hearing the song again at work so I want to share with you my rough outline for what I think is an amazing idea for a movie.

Main cast

Sk8er Boi- adult and younger

Ballerina- adult and younger

Jock- adult and younger

Punk girl

Modern time

So, the movie opens up with a mid to late 30’s punk guy in a music studio who we will dub Sk8ter Boi. He’s trying to write a song but it’s not quite working out(the viewers would recognize some of the tune for Sk8ter Boi) then in comes Punk girl. She clearly knows what he’s trying to write about so she offers her help by saying “Maybe I could help you figure out this block if you tell me the whole story from the beginning?”.

Flashback– early 2000’s(movie will primarily take place in flashback time)

Okay, first some background for the flashback. It’s summer before senior year and Sk8er Boi and Ballerina go to the same fancy private school for gifted children and such. Like it has curricula to prepare the kids for futures in everything from STEM, the arts, and even politics. Ballerina is of course there for ballet and Sk8er Boi is there for music(he’s a prodigy duh). Now I can’t decide if I want him to be just a plain scholarship kid or make it more complex. By complex I mean the idea I had is that he’s also a rich kid but all of the other students think he’s a “poor scholarship kid(you know classic mean kid stuff)” because he, of course, dresses in punk/skater clothes. So, they’ve been going to school together for a while but they never interacted before because their clicks never interacted obviously. But over the summer they bump into each other somehow and then start hanging out on the down low and then on the even more down low they start dating. Then school starts and then both agree to keep their relationship a secret even though Sk8er Boi clearly doesn’t seem that into the idea of hiding it. Throughout the school year, we see the couple continue to see each other secretly while Sk8er Boi is being bullied mainly by Jock(whose is doing the curriculum for future politicians) and Ballerina ignores it. There’s a little bit of that “I want to stop it but I’m afraid of what my friends will think” coming from Ballerina but ultimately she doesn’t do anything(red flag). There could also be a scene where Sk8er Boi invites Ballerina over to his house and that’s when she learns that he’s actually also rich. Which then causes Ballerina to be like “if you’re rich why don’t you tell people, then they’d leave you alone(treat you as an equal)” and Sk8er Boi says something along the lines of “because I don’t care what they all think, plus after I graduate I’m not going to take any help from my parents”. I think it would be important to specify the fact that he loves his parents and vice versa, he just wants to go off on his own and make it the rest of the way on his own merit. Which makes Ballerina nervous after hearing that Sk8er Boi basically is going to be a starving artist after high-school. After that Prom starts getting closer and Sk8er Boi asks Ballerina to go with him and finally make their relationship public and Ballerina agrees only if they meet at the prom and not go there together. So, then it’s the night of prom and Sk8er Boi gets there all excited only to see Ballerina is actually the date of the main Jock/bully and they have an almost Carrie-like situation where the rest of the popular kids are laughing at Sk8er Boi for thinking that Ballerina would actually go to the Prom with him (during all of this Ballerina is behind Jock looking sad/apologetic/embarrassed).

Modern time

Now, it’s back to modern time again in the same studio a few hours later and Punk girl is like “ok how about you make the song…” and it then switches to a grown-up Ballerina in a big fancy house with a baby. On the wall, we see photos and such of her and her husband(Jock) who has become a congressman. After putting the baby down for the nap we see Ballerina go into the kitchen where a laptop is open with an article on it talking about Jock’s campaign for president right next to a tabloid paper that shows Jock soliciting a prostitute. She then listens to a voicemail from Jock claiming the article is a lie and that he and his team are working on it (she’s angry and clearly doesn’t believe him). Then she turns on the tv and something like TMZ or Entertainment Weekly is talking about Sk8er Boi’s sold-out concert. Which then she calls her friends and it turns out they have an extra ticket that she can use. Most of the concert is a montage until it gets to the last song where Sk8er Boi brings out his fiancée (Punk girl) to help him sing a song about a girl he used to know. And I imagine that song would be a more ballad-like duet version of Sk8er Boi. Now the movie could either end there or there could be a scene after that where Ballerina and her friends get to meet Sk8er Boi backstage. The friends would be all happy and excited acting like they also weren’t part of the bullying while Ballerina is once again looking sad/embarrassed because unlike her friends she knows that the song was about her. She then proceeds to apologize to him about everything and then there’s a big pause before Sk8er Boi forgives her and gives her a hug where he whispers in her ear that she deserves better than Jock. During all of this Punk girl is standing off to the side distractedly talking to some of the friends while she’s actually watching the confrontation between Sk8er Boi and Ballerina. And she’s smiling because she knows Sk8er Boi is finally getting the closure he deserved.

So, that’s my very rough outline of a movie based off of Avril Lavigne’s song Sk8er Boi. I hope it’s not too confusing to read.

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Ocean’s Prequel Series

Recently I got an idea for an awesome show that I would love to watch! Can you guess what it is? That’s correct, it is a prequel to the Ocean’s movies. I have no idea how you figured it out! But seriously after I watched 11, 12, and 13 multiple times in a random order I thought of an idea for an Ocean’s series and I thought I might as well write it down and put it into the world and maybe the great TV show gods will grant my wish.

So, my idea is that the show would take place when Danny is in his like mid 20’s or 30’s(something like that) and it would show how Danny becomes a big name in the criminal world. And throughout the series Danny would meet almost everyone from the movies in different cons and thefts. Now you’re probably like what about the young guys like Linus who wouldn’t born yet or be toddlers. Well for some of the characters they sadly wouldn’t be able to show up like Yen but for Linus Danny could meet his parents or something like that. There could also be flashbacks to Danny as a child and his families as criminals. I also imagined that the show could some how(probably some time jumps involved) get to Danny meeting and marrying Tess and the show would end with Danny successfully stealing the Incan Matrimonial Head masks and Rusty being like “you won’t be able to sell them though” and Danny’s like “we’ll see” and it ends there and anyone’s who remembers the first movie would be ooooooooh that how he goes to prison!

Obviously that’s not a lot of detail but I would just love to see the background of the characters and how they met, plus I love thief shows.

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To haunt or not to haunt

As many people know in the game Among Us when you get killed you become a ghost and can still run around the map and finish tasks. Which F.Y.I. kinda doesn’t make sense because you know you’re a ghost, and ghost can touch things. But that’s not the purpose of this post, the purpose is to share an idea I have for future updates in the game.

My idea is that when you are a ghost you should be able to choose a player to “haunt”. By that I mean that person will be the only living person that can see your ghost around. I love this idea because this would be perfect for the times you get voted out because one person lied and caused everyone to follow them for no reason. Just imagine what would be going through the persons head who was the instigator of your death and the ghost of the person who they got killed is just following them around. I think this could also make people actually try finding proof instead of yelling sus for no reason since they can actually see the consequences of their actions. Plus it’s the only way that that player can know how pissed off I am for being killed just because I was sus. I’m not bitter your bitter!

But really I feel like it would be a fun addition to the game!