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BattleBots S07 E05: Predictions

I haven’t been doing too well this season so let’s hope I get better as time goes on.

Minotaur vs. Free Shipping

Definitely have to go with Minotaur for this one plain and simple.

Ribbot vs. Claw Viper

I’m feeling Ribbot for this fight for some reason.

Sawblaze vs. Lock-Jaw

Obviously got to go with my ride-or-die Sawblaze!

Huge vs. Blip

I originally wanted to say Huge right off the bat but for some reason, I feel like Blip will win.

Fusion vs. Witch Doctor

Fusion has been doing better this season but I still have to go with Witch Doctor for this one.

Double Tap vs. Doomba

This seems like it’s going to be a very interesting fight but I’ve got to go with Double Tap since Doomba confuses me.

Riptide vs. Madcatter

I’m fine with either bot winning but I feel like Madcatter will get the win.

Let’s hope I have guessed right this week but if the only fight I get correct is Sawblaze’s fight then I’ll be a happy camper.

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Wednesday Review

I finally got around to finishing up Wednesday so I thought there’s no better time to post a review than on Wednesday. This might be an unpopular opinion but all around I thought it was a good show but not a great one. While Jenna Ortega was amazing as Wednesday for some reason, the show just didn’t get its hooks into me like other shows have. When other shows that I truly loved finished a season I would wait with bated breath to hear if it was renewed or not but with Wednesday I honestly would have been fine either way. It wasn’t bad but there were just one too many things that I had a problem with for me to be all in.

The biggest problem was the strained relationship between Wednesday and Morticia. Now, I’m no expert on the Addams family but from everything I know about them it just feels wrong that there’d be any tension between them at all. Another less serious problem I had was that it only became clear halfway through the season that everyone outside of the school knew about the supernatural and that outcast was the show’s name for supernaturals instead of a description. I don’t know if I just missed it but it took me way too long to realize that the normies actually knew about the supernatural and that created too much confusion for me. I also got kind of annoyed that the other characters seemed to flip-flop between not understanding Wednesday and understanding her. One moment they would act like they understood the way she acted then the next they would be mad at her for something she did. I just found the inconsistency a little annoying.

So the problems I have with the show combined with the good parts make me give the show a 6 out of 10.

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Lockwood & Co. Review

I binged this show in one day and I fucking loved it! Everything about this show was awesome the premise, the action, and especially the characters. And even though I’ve never read it I’ve seen others saying it’s a great adaptation which as anyone knows is a huge plus. In this review, I wanted to talk about the 2 things I loved the most in this show.

First off is the whole premise of the show, a ghost-hunting show where the whole world knows about ghosts. In most supernatural shows like this usually, the majority of society doesn’t believe which obviously makes life harder for the main characters. But Lockwood & Co. flips that scenario on its head and I found that extremely entertaining. For once the characters can do their job and not have to make bullshit excuses for what they’re doing which is so refreshing. On a side note, I just have to mention how much I love them using rapiers to fight ghosts, especially as a huge fan of blades who has started collecting them too.

The other part of the show that I was completely in love with was the characters. More specifically Lockwood himself and even more specifically than that was how they dealt with his death wish. I was so emotional every time it was clear he didn’t want to be alive and even more so when he finally starts to realize life is worth living with the help of his new family. The whole situation was just so heart-rending and made me feel so much for him.

I just love this show so much that I give it a 10 out of 10 and am extremely hoping it gets a second season(I need to know what’s behind that door!) but I’m also preparing myself for the worst.

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BattleBots S07 E04: Predictions

Last week was another bad prediction week for me but Hydra won so that’s good enough for me.

Monsoon vs. Black Dragon

I know that Black Dragon is pretty good but for some reason I want Monsoon to win this one.

Malice vs. Emulsifier

I want to see Emulsifier win this one.

Starchild vs. Overhaul

I am very confused about Starchild but I don’t think Overhaul can really grapple Starchild so I think Starchild will win.

Gruff vs. Quantum

I know Gruff is very durable but I want to see Quantum win this fight with a nice bite.

Kraken vs. Beta

Usually, I root for the hammer bot in a fight like this but I’m very intrigued by Kraken’s new revamp so I’m going for Kraken in this fight.

Horizon vs. Shreddit Bro

I feel like Shreddit Bro is the safe bet for this fight because it’s a simple drum spinner but for some unknown reason I really like Horizon’s design so I’m rooting for Horizon.

Whiplash vs. Hypershock

Oh gosh, I hate when some of my favs fight because I never know who to pick. But I’ve got to go with Whiplash with this one, though I won’t be too disappointed if Hypershock wins.

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Fire Country Review

With the day off, my mom and I binged watched all of the current episodes that are out of Fire Country and we loved it. With 9-1-1 on a break right now I’ve been craving a show with a bunch of character drama and job drama, and Fire Country is kind of like 9-1-1 but a whole lot more serious. I love how 9-1-1 has an overall lightheartedness to it, but I love the overall seriousness of Fire Country so much more. Having that more serious feel to it just makes everything that happens in Fire Country more impactful, engaging, and entertaining.

Besides the overall greatness of the show, I wanted to point out 2 other things that I was really impressed with so far. First was how the first episode was perfect at getting its hooks in both my mom and me. The characters and the premise were so intriguing right off the bat, that I immediately had to watch the next episode. The second thing that I really enjoyed was how they dealt with the “love triangle” by not making it a love triangle. I’m not a huge fan of love triangles in stories in general, especially when it leads to cheating, so the way they handled the triangle by stopping it before it even existed was a huge plus for me. Basically, I love this show and can’t wait for the rest of the season and of course, give the show a 10 out of 10.

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Anime Thoughts

Recently I got into an anime mood again so I started 3 new animes and wanted to share the thoughts I had so far on them. Oh, and before I start I’m stating right now that if any of the animes have mangas I have not read them.

Trigun Stampede

I’ve watched all of the original and loved it so I got really excited when I found out they were remaking it. Obviously, the biggest deal is Vash’s redesign which I mostly love, the only thing I don’t like is that his fake arm is just out for everyone to see. I really liked how in the original it was hidden and it was a surprise when we learned that his arm was fake so I was a little disappointed that that scene won’t happen. But besides that, I love the rest of his redesign especially since I wasn’t a huge fan of how his original design made him have massive shoulders compared to his waist size. I’m also very happy that they seem to have gotten the essence of Vash correct, you know how he’s a kooky pacifist who you forget can be massively dangerous until he does something insane with his gun, they’ve seem to gotten that right(so far). The only other thing that made me sad was that, so far it doesn’t look like they are including Milly which I think is disappointing because I enjoyed Milly.

Buddy Daddies

I randomly came across a trailer for this show and knew immediately that I had to watch it! And I’ve loved everything about it so far. I’ve seen a lot of comments describing it as a gay SpyXFamily but I embarrassingly have to admit I haven’t watched SpyXFamily so I can’t say for sure if it is or not. But my biggest hope for this show is that it will be like Yuri On Ice in the way that it only claimed to be a sports anime but was undeniably a romance. I want that for Buddy Daddies too.

The Iceblade Sorcerer Shall Rule the World

I had to hunt down this show after seeing a random clip on Instagram and so far I’m not regretting that decision. A lot of comments I’ve seen about this show is that it’s a show that knows it’s using all of the ridiculous tropes and is leaning into it to make it more ridiculous but I have a different opinion. I think it’s trying to lull us into a false sense of security by making it lighthearted and silly but then it’s going to quickly change into a much more serious show. We’ve had 2 moments already that show that Ray has serious trauma and PSTD and I feel like it’s going to focus on that more as the show progresses. So, I’m pretty intrigued by this show.

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UK Trip Highlights!

Over Christmas, I went on a vacation with some of my family to the UK. We went to Edinburgh, London, and we even went to Loch Ness but the true highlight for me was going to Richmond. I loved Edinburgh for all of the Harry Potter stuff but having the combination of both Ted Lasso and The Sandman filming locations practically 10 ft from each other was amazing.

I love being in filming locations because I can just picture the scenes going on in my head while walking around. Two things that definitely stuck in my head were the relief the pub wasn’t shying away from being the Ted Lasso pub and the Sandman bench. I was relieved because I was afraid that I was going to be that annoying tourist they wanted to ignore but instead it seemed that they were proud of being the pub. I also noticed that they definitely moved the bench for filming the bench scene because we couldn’t get the perfect angle but it was close enough for me.

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Hope and Predictions for Ted Lasso Season 3

I was thinking about this recently so I wanted to share some of what I hope will happen and what I think will happen in season 3 of Ted Lasso.


  • Something explaining what Baz, Jeremy, and Paul do for a living that allows them to always be at the pub in the middle of the day.
  • An episode showing what Dani, Colin, and Zoreaux do on their days off (maybe even Richard, Bumbercatch, and Jan Maas).
  • One more scene with Tommy aka Ussie kid.
  • I know a lot of people want Ted and Rebecca together(which I’m fine with if it does happen) but I’d like it better if they stay just close friends since we have so few non-sexual male/female friendships in media I think it’d be a good example to have.
  • And the most important is that I need to know what Coach Beard’s first name is and if Beard is really his last name or is it just a nickname because he has a beard?!?!?!?!?!


  • The most obvious is that Richmond will win it all.
  • Roy and Keeley will be broken up at the beginning but will get back together by the end of the show. The classic “if you love something set it free and if it was meant to be it will come back” situation.
  • Nate will have a redemption arc that will include him inevitably failing at being a head coach which will cause him to hit rock bottom and then Ted will help him redeem himself.
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9-1-1 Season 6 Fall Finale Review

Ever since I finally bit the bullet and started watching this show after watching a million and one clips on Facebook I have loved it. My favorite part is that it somehow feels both ridiculous and legit simultaneously. Like it has some out-of-this-world scenarios but the way they go about solving the problem is very matter-of-factly. Which I like much better than other medical dramas that almost seem pretentious by comparison. This show only takes itself seriously in one aspect and that’s the character drama. I love every last character and can’t wait to see where their lives go.

Okay now that I talked about the show in general here are my thoughts on this half of the season. If you haven’t caught up then sucks for you because this is going to have some big spoilers. I’ve enjoyed most of the drama besides one part… Buck being a sperm donor for his friend. I’m just worried about how complicated this is going to become. Because Bucks already thinking of himself as a dad and it’s going to crush him when the parents inevitably don’t want him in the baby’s life. And I can’t deal with anything hurting my Buck(he’s my favorite obviously). But besides Bucks’ drama, everyone else’s drama was at a normal level with a normal chance of resolving itself. I give this show an 8 out of 10 and can’t wait to see how the current drama unfolds when it comes back in the spring.

Oh yeah I almost forgot to add that I’m one of those fans who really really really want Eddie and Buck to get together so I hope one day soon that happens!