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DOTA Dragon’s Blood Review

The number 1 way I know a show is good is when I’m sad that I watched it too fast, because now it’s done and I have to wait around wondering and hoping if/when it’s going to get a second season. Which is exactly how I feel with Netflix’s show, DOTA Dragon’s Blood. First things first I knew that this was somehow based off the computer game, but since I don’t actually know anything about the plot or even if its an MMO or something else and I was very curious on what it be like. But that didn’t stop me from absolutely loving this show, it’s got some of my favorite things elves, magic, and best of all… DRAGONS!!! Anyone who knows me knows that I love dragons, but just because the it has dragons doesn’t mean I’ll immediately love (it doesn’t hurt though). So, when I first watched the trailer for this show I was skeptical because it at first looked the main character had only vague connection to dragons or at most “summoned” a dragon to fight. And I’m not a huge fan of summoning in this genre, I prefer when the characters actually transform into the creature instead of summoning it because it doesn’t look like they’re passing off the work to something else. So the fact that there wasn’t any summoning in the show immediately squashed any of my worries and allowed me to enjoy every aspect of the show.

Second and literally the best part of this show was the DRAGONS!!!! Like I said I love dragons and this show had so many different types of dragons and they all looked special. I’m very picky when it comes to dragons but this show gave me all different types of dragons that covered all my bases for what I enjoy in dragons. Thats one of the biggest reason I want another season is so that they can show me even more dragons!

I also can’t wait to learn even more about all the cliffhangers they left us with and even more I can’t wait to see what else happens with the characters. Especially the budding relationship between Davion and Mirana, which I can’t wait for it to move to the next level*wink wink*. But really I’m super excited to see where else this show goes.

So all in all I’d give this show a 9 out of 10!

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Bridgerton Review

Unless it’s fantasy or has sword fighting of some kind I don’t normal watch period dramas. They usually have to have some dark or actiony for me to want to watch them so I wasn’t really planning on watching Bridgerton when it first came out but then my sister had the family watch it together. And my first thought about it was that it was great! It was so much fun to watch and I can’t wait for the next season.

I think what made this show great was its unpredictable predictability. By that I mean you could easily guess where it was going but you were always wondering what will happen between point A and point B. This made the show an easy and enjoyable watch with only a minor bit of stress. And as every ad is saying right now that’s a good thing in these stressful times. But seriously sometimes you want a show that has you on the edge of your seat every time other times you want a semi-peaceful show that you can just simply watch knowing that things are going to turn out okay with your favorite character somehow. So I definitely recommend people watch this show.

I only had 2 things I had a problem with in this show. The first and biggest is the costumes. I’m not saying the costumes are bad, they are beautiful, I just personally don’t like that time era of dresses because they always look like nightgowns to me and it always messes with my head by making me think they’re walking around in public in the their pjs. The second problem I had was that they very very very subtly gave a reason in the show to why the cast could be so racially diverse in this time period. I had a problem with this because I preferred it much more when there was no reason in the show for the casting, I enjoyed the fact that the cast was diverse for no reason and I felt that making a canon reason in the show just made it less cool. So, really the only problems I had with the show was because my own personal preferences. All in all I give this show an 8.5 out of 10!

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I recently finished watching SOTUS S which is the second season of the Thai drama SOTUS and I loved every minute of it! It filled my heart up so much but there is 1 thing that I can’t stop thinking about. So some background, in the show one of the main characters does an internship and at the end of the internship the company throws a farewell party for the 2 interns. Like is this a thing in Thailand!? Literally I can’t stop thinking about this. Is this something that the show just made up for the plot of the show or is farewell parties for interns a thing in Thai culture? Because if it is that is insane.

Forget all the relationship drama I need to know if interns are this big of a deal in Thailand. Because if they are, sign me the hell up! Besides for the actual plot that I love so much thats one of the things that I find super interesting when I watch asian dramas. Like all the cultural differences in Thai, Korean, and Chinese dramas (to name a few) makes me wonder how many of them are actual things that happen in real life or are just made up for tv. Until I actually visit Asia I guess my precious dramas will have to be my only knowledge.

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It’s a SHAMEless that it has to end

Ha you like that word play? I do. But really the first episode of the last season of Shameless came on and it’s bitter sweet. Sweet because it was a fun episode but bitter because I know this is the beginning of the end. This is going to be a short post because I don’t want to spoil too much about the episode but I still need to write a little blurb about my love of Shameless. Now I enjoy probably every Shameless episodes(no bad one comes to mind) and this one was no different but the biggest thing that interested me is that it seems like they’re making Covid a huge plot point this season. Which I feel like is a little different from other shows, most other shows I feel like are barely mentioning or just pretending it doesn’t exist in their show. So, this is going to be interesting to see how the Gallaghers are going to survive it. Which I have no doubt they will because as Frank always says “Gallaghers are Fighters”. I just hope that this is going to be a super fun and crazy last season!

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Finally my favorite reality competition show is back, BATTLE BOTS! I’m not a huge reality competition show watcher but when I discovered Battle Bots a few years ago I got hooked right away. I love watching it sooooooo much.

There’s just something about robots fighting that satisfies that primal need for destruction. The fire, shrapnel, and robots flying 10 ft in the air is just so fun to watch! It also makes it better that there’s never any mention of prize money, so if there is any that’s just second to the pure joy the teams get from fighting robots.

So, now that it’s back everyone needs to watch it!

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Ocean’s Prequel Series

Recently I got an idea for an awesome show that I would love to watch! Can you guess what it is? That’s correct, it is a prequel to the Ocean’s movies. I have no idea how you figured it out! But seriously after I watched 11, 12, and 13 multiple times in a random order I thought of an idea for an Ocean’s series and I thought I might as well write it down and put it into the world and maybe the great TV show gods will grant my wish.

So, my idea is that the show would take place when Danny is in his like mid 20’s or 30’s(something like that) and it would show how Danny becomes a big name in the criminal world. And throughout the series Danny would meet almost everyone from the movies in different cons and thefts. Now you’re probably like what about the young guys like Linus who wouldn’t born yet or be toddlers. Well for some of the characters they sadly wouldn’t be able to show up like Yen but for Linus Danny could meet his parents or something like that. There could also be flashbacks to Danny as a child and his families as criminals. I also imagined that the show could some how(probably some time jumps involved) get to Danny meeting and marrying Tess and the show would end with Danny successfully stealing the Incan Matrimonial Head masks and Rusty being like “you won’t be able to sell them though” and Danny’s like “we’ll see” and it ends there and anyone’s who remembers the first movie would be ooooooooh that how he goes to prison!

Obviously that’s not a lot of detail but I would just love to see the background of the characters and how they met, plus I love thief shows.

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Oh my god finally 2020 has given me something good. I’m getting a live action Netflix Assassin’s Creed show! As the title says I’m so fucking excited this is literally my favorite game and it was just yesterday that I got 100% sync on Assassin’s Creed 3. This is a god send, I’m going to be floating on air for at least the next week because of this news.

It’s also great because I don’t need to much to be the same as the games for me to love it. Of course I would love it to be Ezio’s/Desmond’s storyline because they’re my favorites so far but I don’t actually need that to love it. All I really need is awesome parkour, hidden blades, and the creed to be spoken at least once in it’s entirety. That’s the great things about Assassin’s Creed is that the universe is so open that they could make up some new story lines. But if Netflix does choose to do Ezio’s and Desmond’s storyline then that could probably last them 3 to 4 seasons and more jumpy, climby, staby the better!

I can’t wait till Netflix tells us more about what the plot and casting is going to be and if they put as much effort as they did into The Witcher this show is going to be great. I just hope I don’t have to wait years for it because I need this now! But hey at least the knowledge that this is happening makes up for losing so many news movies this year.

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Dexters Back! Now what?

So as you might have heard Showtime is brining back Dexter for a limited series event, which is super awesome! But I’m more interested in what this might mean for other shows.

We all know that a bunch of shows are getting remakes but the only ones so far that have “come back” are older comedy shows like Will & Grace. So I feel like Dexter coming back even if it’s just for a limited time is opening up the door for other shows to be revived if it’s profitable.

The shows that I think could be the ones that have a chance of coming back from the dead would be the ones that were “ended” instead of “cancelled”. There are plenty of shows out there that had and still have huge fanbases but only got cancelled because they lived out their story and Dexter coming back is a perfect test run for other channels to see if beloved shows that ended could succeed if they came back with the same characters. I like to imagine that if the episodes of Dexter have huge ratings that other TV channels will follow in their foot steps and bring back other fan favorites.

But besides fan favorites I feel like this could be a huge opportunity for some shows to get a second chance if you will. Since I watch too many shows of course I’ve had to deal with shows that were cancelled after only one season and I feel like this might be the chance these shows needed to come back to a time thats better for them. Like there are some shows that I believe were “ahead of their time” by this I mean that they didn’t come out at the right time. Like the show The Cape which was a superhero show but it came out just before everyone started making superhero tv shows so it didn’t make it past the 1 season mark. I believe/like to think that if it came out now it would get way more love from viewers and thus would get more seasons. It’s also the same for shows that were on before viewers started to use social media to convince channels save shows and show them that people do love the show. So, I hope that a relatively newish show like Dexter actually coming back and not being a remake might allow for some of my favorite shows to come back to life. Of course this is just my optimistic hopes so that I have something it wish for.

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He’s here, He’s there, He’s every-Fucking-where. Roy Kent!

If you’re confused you suck and need to watch Ted Lasso right now! I don’t want to spoil any big plot points but it’s super fun to watch! So first I’ll tell you about the basic plot, it’s about Ted Lasso an American football coach who becomes a coach of a British soccer team. Yup it’s as problematic for Ted as you might think but he never lets it get to him. That’s the best part of Ted Lasso is his optimism in all he goes through. Which is surprising when he has to deal with an entire country and his team calling him a wanker for half the season. The best part of this show is the characters!

  • Obviously Ted Lasso= the optimistic coach
  • Coach Beard= Ted’s quite friend and co-coach that possesses all of Teds soccer knowledge and much more
  • Nate the Great= the kit manager who knows more then people think
  • Roy Kent= the team captain whose dialogue is 80% the word fuck
  • Rebecca= the team owner whose going thru some stuff
  • Oh and you can’t forget Keeley= whose famous for being semi-famous

Forget any plot I’d watch this show over and over again just to see these 6 characters going about their lives because they’re so entertaining.

Now I know your probably wondering but where can I watch this show thats super funny and entertaining to watch? Thats the sucky part its an AppleTv+ show so you have to pay for it or find it elsewhere *wink wink* but thats up to you.