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To haunt or not to haunt

As many people know in the game Among Us when you get killed you become a ghost and can still run around the map and finish tasks. Which F.Y.I. kinda doesn’t make sense because you know you’re a ghost, and ghost can touch things. But that’s not the purpose of this post, the purpose is to share an idea I have for future updates in the game.

My idea is that when you are a ghost you should be able to choose a player to “haunt”. By that I mean that person will be the only living person that can see your ghost around. I love this idea because this would be perfect for the times you get voted out because one person lied and caused everyone to follow them for no reason. Just imagine what would be going through the persons head who was the instigator of your death and the ghost of the person who they got killed is just following them around. I think this could also make people actually try finding proof instead of yelling sus for no reason since they can actually see the consequences of their actions. Plus it’s the only way that that player can know how pissed off I am for being killed just because I was sus. I’m not bitter your bitter!

But really I feel like it would be a fun addition to the game!


I love movies!!!!!!!!!!

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