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The Boys appreciation post!

No, not The Boys series but The Boys youtube group. And before I get to the appreciation part of this post The Boys are they are a group of five youtubers by the names of JoshDub, Mully(who are in Australia), EddieVR, Juicy, and Your Narrator (who are in America) for those who don’t know.

Now time for the appreciation! In this crazy time The Boys simply just make me happy. It’s honestly not even the videos that they make that make me happy (but those are great too), it’s the friendship between them. I follow all of them on their different social media accounts and you can tell that they are real friends. With a lot of youtubers I’m always left wondering do they really like these people they play with or are they just playing with them because the fans like it. But with The Boys I can tell that they aren’t faking their friendships, not only because they’ve actually met in person but they also constantly talking to each other on social media. Hyping each other up, making fun of each other, everything that real friends do.

I think the reason that The Boys being real friends and not just 5 guys who play games together makes me so happy is that it gives me hope that you can make real lasting friendships online. Even if those friends are on the other side of the world if you put some effort into it they can become more then just online friends.

I also think they are wholesome and the true good definition of what “boys being boys” is. Sure some of their jokes might be a tad inappropriate for small children but for the most part they just do stupid entertaining stuff like being obsessed over a jiggly shrimp in a VR room. And that brings a smile to my face everytime.

Now if it somehow comes out that they faked being friends for the fans I will be saddened and furious. But that’s not going to happen. Right? But seriously go check out The Boys youtube channel it’s supper fun to watch.

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I just want to share the awesome pumpkin I carved! I am super proud of it, it might me relatively simple but I think it’s great. I was actually worried that it wouldn’t have worked out so I pre-cut holes out of paper with the picture and shined a light through it to make sure it worked and it did! The hardest part was putting a candle in at the right place to make sure the light shined through the back! I hope you like it as much as I do!

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Press F to pay respects

I was planning to post about something else but I received some terrible news today that needs to be shared.

My local Taco Bell/KFC has closed and no one knows why! And anyone who knows me knows that Taco Bell is my go to fast food and if theres any drink I love more then Dr. Pepper it’s Baja Blast. This is very bad for me because I don’t think I can survive if my only access to Taco Bell is like 20 minutes away! It was one thing for KFC to replace the potato wedges with those shit fries that belong in the deepest pit of hell, it’s another thing all together for Taco Bell to not exist within 2 miles of me! I just hope that it will open up again soon under new management because I won’t make it the rest of this month without my Baja Blast and #1! So please pray for me and my dearly departed Taco Bell.