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Plane Review

I knew going in I was probably going to like this movie but damn, this movie was great! It was one of the most intense and stressful movies I’ve watched in a long time. Every second I was on edge just wondering who would survive, and it was amazing. I’m also willingly admitting that I became emotionally attached to most of the passengers and all of the crew right away, so fearing for their lives was tough. This movie also had the perfect ratio of fast-paced to chill scenes for an action thriller(3:1) so you always felt involved but were also given a moment to breathe after a rough scene.

I truly had so much fun watching this movie and the only thing I wish was different was that I wish there was a scene at the end showing all the passengers and crew reconnecting with their families. It would have been so sweet and emotional. But I guess we can’t get everything we want so I’ll settle for an extremely fun movie to watch that I’d give a 9 out of 10.

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3 in 1 Review

Here are another 3 reviews for the better late-than-never saga.

Bullet Train

Not to be cliché, but Bullet Train was a wild ride that I enjoyed every second of. The best way I can think of to describe Bullet Train is that it’s John Wick meets a comedy with a dash of a whodunit. Which all combined into a super entertaining movie that I give an 8 out of 10.

The Woman King

This was another really good movie! My 2 favorite parts were the costuming and the fight choreography. I always love seeing different costumes in movies and shows set in the past, they always look so cool. But what I enjoyed, even more, was the fighting especially since I felt like it was realistic. They didn’t make the characters perfect or unbeatable which made it feel all the more real to me. So, I gave this movie an 8 out of 10.


Rom-coms aren’t my usual go-to genre, but I enjoy them as much as the next person. Bros is a classic rom-com, it’s got all the laughs and even more of the feels. And I can’t wait to see more rom-coms like it. So, I give it an 8 out of 10.

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The Lost City Review

It’s no surprise to me that this movie was undeniably funny, I mean what would you expect from a comedy staring Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum they’re amazing. Plus what’s better then Daniel Radcliffe as a villain? Nothing that’s what. Since it’s probably no surprise to anyone else that this is a good movie I’m just going to quickly talk about what I think set this movie apart from other rom-coms.

And that is what I’d like to call the perfect ratio between funny and serious. There wasn’t too many serious parts so it kept its rom-com feel but there also wasn’t so few scenes that it felt wrong to have them in the first place. I was also surprised by the combination of cliché and unpredictable. Like, I simultaneously knew and not knew what was going to happened. Which weirdly made the movie even more fun to watch. So, with this balance I would give The Lost City a 7 out 10.

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Uncharted Review

I’m going to start this off by saying I haven’t played a single Uncharted game so I like to believe I have an unbiased opinion of the movie. And that opinion is that Uncharted is fun! It’s really that simple.

I could on and on about how I love treasure hunting and parkour movies separately so putting them together is even better, but why do that when I can just simple say that Uncharted was really enjoyable to watch. I (unlike some people) really liked the casting and thought Mark and Tom were great together. It was fun watching the start of this treasure hunting duo’s relationship. What really got me with this movie was the potential it has. Now, even though I loved watching Uncharted I will admit it could have been “deeper” I guess. I would have liked to see more emotional scenes both good and bad. But with the end credits it makes me hopeful that we’ll get to see Nate and Sully grow and evolve. I just really hope this movie at least gets one sequel so I can see more of it. All in all I would give Uncharted a 7.5 out of 10. It was a fun time watching it in theaters but could have had a little more to make it great.