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The Little Mermaid Review

Okay, I’m diving right into this review and I’m not going to bother to try and avoid spoilers since we all already know how this movie goes. This remake was really good, a perfectly fine addition to the list of live actions. The CGI and character designs were perfect, yes even Sebastian, Flounder, and Scuttle(WTF did people this a “live-action” fish and crab was going to look like!!!). My favorite part was how each of the merpeople had their own distinct pattern, I do have to admit I loved some of Ariel’s sister’s colors more than hers. Not only did the movie look great but Halle Bailey’s singing was on point. I can also appreciate that besides adding a few scenes/songs the overall story didn’t change, it’s basically the classic Little Mermaid story with some bonuses.

While as a whole I enjoyed this remake there are two things that I had issues with. The first and definitely the lesser issue was that besides Sebastian, Flounder, and Scuttle no other sea creatures talked. Not even Flotsam and Jetsam talk which I was pretty disappointed about. I kept expecting the other sea creatures to be shown talking, especially during the songs where there are other singers, but that didn’t happen. As much as I didn’t want to think it, I just kept thinking “If the main three can talk why aren’t the rest?”. Now, my second issue is the much bigger one: I can’t decide if I like the new songs they added. In the other live-action remakes like Beauty and the Beast and Aladdin where they add new songs I really really liked those songs. But with the new ones for The Little Mermaid, I can’t decide if they were worth the added time. Though I think they might grow on me after some time so lets see if my opinion of them change.

Before I finish this review I do have to say that even though I liked it I didn’t leave the theater super hyped. And that’s probably due to the fact that The Little Mermaid as a whole has never really been one of my favorite Disney classics. So, it’s no surprise that I wouldn’t be super excited for its remake. But even still I would give this movie a solid 7 out of 10.

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Disney Live-Action Remakes : Thoughts

Before I get into my thoughts on all of their remakes I first want to give my mini opinions on the ones I’ve seen so far.

  • The Jungle Book= I kind of forgot about this one but it was a good remake.
  • Beauty and the Beast= I enjoyed it.
  • Aladdin= I loved it.
  • The Lion King= I was a little disappointed but I was still pretty okay with it.
  • Lady and the Tramp= This one was surprisingly good.
  • Mulan= Complete shit! I was so angry with this one.
  • Cruella= I quite liked this one.

With that out of the way time to get into the nitty-gritty. I am both semi-annoyed and kind of happy about the never-ending influx of live-action remakes. But recently I’ve started to think more along the lines of “Hey the original still exists so why not make a live-action and if it’s good that amazing and if not I can just never watch the new one again.” I was a little shocked when I heard they already want to do Moana(I definitely think it’s waaaaaay too soon for that one) but honestly, I don’t mind if they make more live actions especially if that means they’ll eventually make live actions of Treasure Plant and Atlantis! I would die for those to be remade! If they remade those two and they were on the level of Lion King I would be so happy. Now If they were on the level of Mulan that would be an entirely different story. But all of this is to basically say that I have gotten to the point of hating the thought of Disney doing another live-action.

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Live-action ATLA thoughts

As the eventual release date of the Netflix show creeps closer and closer I wanted to share some of my thoughts. First, I do have to admit that I’m relatively optimistic about how this show is going to turn out because let us be honest it can’t be worse than the movie. Sure I’m trying to prepare myself for it not meeting my expectations but I’m hoping that the second time’s the charm. I mean, they already fixed the casting problem and the fact that it’s a series and not a movie should help too.

And I feel like for me to see the show as a success they really only have to do two more things. One, pronounce the names correctly there was absolutely no reason to change the pronunciation(it was just plain stupid). Two, fix the bending; it was absolute trash in the movie so if they put even an ounce of effort into the choreography/special effects then it will be infinitely better. As long as those are fixed I think I can live with anything else they change. Well… that’s not entirely true, if they make it to the end and decide not to have Aang and Katara as a couple then everything else will be ruined. But I’m preparing myself for it to be dark and more adult-ish, so if it does happen I’m not going to be surprised and might actually enjoy it.

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Live-action HTTYD

So, I want to not be excited about them doing a live-action How to Train Your Dragon because, like many other people, I think they are going a little overboard with remakes/live-actions. But I just love HTTYD soooooo much that I get excited just thinking about more to come. Especially when I hear that the original director is also going to be doing the live-action I just can’t help but feel that little nugget of excitement grow.

Now, on the more realistic side, I believe that there is one thing that will make or break this movie. Yup, you guessed it, CGI. They need to get the perfect combination of cool, scary, and cute to knock this movie out of the park. Since it’s “real” I don’t think they can look as cute as they do in the animation, but they also can’t look creepy. It’s going to be a very fine line that they will have to tread for people to be happy. But if they are successful in doing that I feel like everything else will fall into place.

Besides the CGI, I’m also a little nervous about the casting of Hiccup. I will fully admit(only because I know that a bunch of other people are the same) that I had what I like to call a “cartoon crush” on Hiccup when it first came out. And because of that, I’m not sure how my emotions will handle seeing a real version of Hiccup particularly the fact that I’m not sure how old they’ll make him. Will he be age appropriate for me to still have a crush or will I have to squash that crush very quickly? I can see them making Hiccup and his friends either 14 or in their early 20s. Either way, I need to know sooner rather than later so I can prepare myself.

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PJO Thoughts

With the announcement that filming has wrapped on the PJO series, I wanted to share some thoughts I had(mostly thoughts I had due to comments on the internet). Firstly of course is all the hubbub about the hair colors and I do have to admit that I was pretty bummed at first when I heard that both Walker and Leah weren’t dyeing their hair. I think that mostly came from the fact that I myself dye my hair any random color on a whim so I automatically had the thought “it’s just dyeing your hair that’s not a big deal”. But as time passed I realized that the characters’ hair color has literally zero effect on the story. And I think because of this series specifically, I’ve started to really take the “it doesn’t matter what they look like as long as they embody the character right” to heart. As I’ve seen other people say, just because they look like the character doesn’t mean they’d be a good fit.

Another thought I had is due to the fact that I keep seeing people bitch about how Disney is going to Disneyfy the series. And my first thought on that is, have people forgotten who published the books in the first place? Because when I look at the bottom of the spine of my copies I see this little bit of writing that says Disney Hyperion. Now I’m no expert in publishing companies and subsidiaries and all the weird legal lingo stuff but when I see Disney clear as day on a book I think “oh this is connected to Disney so clearly it won’t go against the image of Disney”. So why would they need to “Disneyfy” something that could already be considered Disney in the first place?

My only fear I had for this show was that it was going to be like the Artemis Fowl movie which completely changed the plot and premise of the books. But that fear was completely squashed when I heard how involved Rick Riordan is in the show, so for all the haters out there just chill down already, if it’s good enough for Rick then it’s good enough for me.

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I obviously found this video on Insta and I felt the need to share this everywhere I can because I need to see this become a thing soooooo bad. I am not lying when I say I’d die for this! This idea sounds amazing and Ethan is a genius!

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Eragon Book V. Movie

Recently I finished reading Eragon(currently on the third), and I know you’re probably wondering it’s been out for a long time why are you just reading it now? In my defense I wasn’t into reading back when it came out so I never read ended up reading. But I was really into dragons so I watched the movie when it came out and since I never read the book I loved the movie. So when I finally did get into reading I avoided reading the book like the plague because I had heard that it was like so many other book adaptions a.k.a. it sucked and I didn’t want to ruin a movie I liked so I never read it. But recently I re-watched that movie and I was like “fuck it I want more dragons!” and decided to finally read the books.

I’m going to start by saying that I know it wasn’t a great movie and that the changes they made to the actual characters were bad but as someone who has seen so many different movie adaptations that have truly and absolutely suck I don’t really know why this one got so much hate. Because honestly compared to other movies this one was okay, especially if you look at it from the perspective that they were probably not planning on making any of the sequels. I’m not saying that if it was a hit they wouldn’t have made more but to me it looks like the way they made it made it okay if there wasn’t anymore movies after. Like if you look at the changes and stuff they omitted it makes a lot of sense because more then half of the stuff they kept out were big plot points in the next book so excluding it from the movie just kept there from being plot holes or a bunch of cliffhangers. Also I understand some of the stuff they changed so that the story could fit into the time limit of a movie and be within budget. So, honestly I thought it was a pretty good adaptation and my opinion of the movie hasn’t really changed. Obviously that isn’t saying I wouldn’t love there to be more movies and for those to be more accurate to the books. But of all the book adaptations I’ve seen, this one gets a green light and doesn’t deserve the dislike it got.