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Wednesday Review

I finally got around to finishing up Wednesday so I thought there’s no better time to post a review than on Wednesday. This might be an unpopular opinion but all around I thought it was a good show but not a great one. While Jenna Ortega was amazing as Wednesday for some reason, the show just didn’t get its hooks into me like other shows have. When other shows that I truly loved finished a season I would wait with bated breath to hear if it was renewed or not but with Wednesday I honestly would have been fine either way. It wasn’t bad but there were just one too many things that I had a problem with for me to be all in.

The biggest problem was the strained relationship between Wednesday and Morticia. Now, I’m no expert on the Addams family but from everything I know about them it just feels wrong that there’d be any tension between them at all. Another less serious problem I had was that it only became clear halfway through the season that everyone outside of the school knew about the supernatural and that outcast was the show’s name for supernaturals instead of a description. I don’t know if I just missed it but it took me way too long to realize that the normies actually knew about the supernatural and that created too much confusion for me. I also got kind of annoyed that the other characters seemed to flip-flop between not understanding Wednesday and understanding her. One moment they would act like they understood the way she acted then the next they would be mad at her for something she did. I just found the inconsistency a little annoying.

So the problems I have with the show combined with the good parts make me give the show a 6 out of 10.

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You People Review

This was a great rom-com plain and simple so I’ll keep this review short and sweet. I was laughing at every joke and cringing from secondhand embarrassment from every awkward moment and it was fantastic. While the comedy was great the romance half of this movie was even more so. There’s not much that can beat the classic “it’s what’s inside that counts” and You People excelled at that. And I loved Jonah Hill and Lauren London as the main characters, they both were perfect in their roles. All of the different parts came together to create a super fun movie to watch that I’d give a 7 out of 10.

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Lockwood & Co. Review

I binged this show in one day and I fucking loved it! Everything about this show was awesome the premise, the action, and especially the characters. And even though I’ve never read it I’ve seen others saying it’s a great adaptation which as anyone knows is a huge plus. In this review, I wanted to talk about the 2 things I loved the most in this show.

First off is the whole premise of the show, a ghost-hunting show where the whole world knows about ghosts. In most supernatural shows like this usually, the majority of society doesn’t believe which obviously makes life harder for the main characters. But Lockwood & Co. flips that scenario on its head and I found that extremely entertaining. For once the characters can do their job and not have to make bullshit excuses for what they’re doing which is so refreshing. On a side note, I just have to mention how much I love them using rapiers to fight ghosts, especially as a huge fan of blades who has started collecting them too.

The other part of the show that I was completely in love with was the characters. More specifically Lockwood himself and even more specifically than that was how they dealt with his death wish. I was so emotional every time it was clear he didn’t want to be alive and even more so when he finally starts to realize life is worth living with the help of his new family. The whole situation was just so heart-rending and made me feel so much for him.

I just love this show so much that I give it a 10 out of 10 and am extremely hoping it gets a second season(I need to know what’s behind that door!) but I’m also preparing myself for the worst.

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Teen Wolf The Movie Review

This is going to be a short review to try and avoid too many spoilers but I will probably mention some just to warn you. I had a lot of fun watching this movie, it felt like classic Teen Wolf which brought out all the nostalgia feels. Before I talk about what I loved about the movie I’m going to get the bad stuff out of the way first. Obviously, Stiles isn’t in it, even though we knew that was going to happen I still hoped that they were lying but hey at least he wasn’t dead. I also felt like everything was very rushed, everything happened so fast and a lot was skimmed over. I would have loved it if we got more time before the shit hit the fan to see how everyone was living and more specifically how they got where they were. It would have been nice to get a little explanation on how Liam met Hikari. There were also some cheesy moments but in hindsight that’s classic Teen Wolf so I actually love those parts.

But everything that could be considered “bad” in this movie was overshadowed by my pure joy at having Scallison back!!!! Of all my ships in all my fandoms, Scallison is my all-time favorite and nothing makes me happier than seeing my ships sail. I’m just so so so so happy that baby boy Scott finally gets to be happy with the one he loves. Oh yeah, I almost forgot I also loved seeing Scott being classic Scott, you know what I mean, saving the day with the power of friendship(or should I say pack).

I know this movie isn’t perfect but it’s a super fun Teen Wolf movie that I’m very happy it exists and I would give it a solid 7 out of 10.

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Fire Country Review

With the day off, my mom and I binged watched all of the current episodes that are out of Fire Country and we loved it. With 9-1-1 on a break right now I’ve been craving a show with a bunch of character drama and job drama, and Fire Country is kind of like 9-1-1 but a whole lot more serious. I love how 9-1-1 has an overall lightheartedness to it, but I love the overall seriousness of Fire Country so much more. Having that more serious feel to it just makes everything that happens in Fire Country more impactful, engaging, and entertaining.

Besides the overall greatness of the show, I wanted to point out 2 other things that I was really impressed with so far. First was how the first episode was perfect at getting its hooks in both my mom and me. The characters and the premise were so intriguing right off the bat, that I immediately had to watch the next episode. The second thing that I really enjoyed was how they dealt with the “love triangle” by not making it a love triangle. I’m not a huge fan of love triangles in stories in general, especially when it leads to cheating, so the way they handled the triangle by stopping it before it even existed was a huge plus for me. Basically, I love this show and can’t wait for the rest of the season and of course, give the show a 10 out of 10.

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Plane Review

I knew going in I was probably going to like this movie but damn, this movie was great! It was one of the most intense and stressful movies I’ve watched in a long time. Every second I was on edge just wondering who would survive, and it was amazing. I’m also willingly admitting that I became emotionally attached to most of the passengers and all of the crew right away, so fearing for their lives was tough. This movie also had the perfect ratio of fast-paced to chill scenes for an action thriller(3:1) so you always felt involved but were also given a moment to breathe after a rough scene.

I truly had so much fun watching this movie and the only thing I wish was different was that I wish there was a scene at the end showing all the passengers and crew reconnecting with their families. It would have been so sweet and emotional. But I guess we can’t get everything we want so I’ll settle for an extremely fun movie to watch that I’d give a 9 out of 10.

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Roald Dahl’s Matilda the Musical Review

I finally got around to watching the new Matilda movie and first things first I’ve seen both the 1996 movie and the Broadway show so I assumed going in that I was going to like the new movie but I think I underestimated how much I would actually like it. I especially didn’t I was going to cry. I will fully admit that when Matilda was imagining herself as the Escapologist’s daughter I started crying out of nowhere. I obviously understood why it was sad but it was just so sudden I was actually impressed with the movie for getting to me that easily. I also enjoyed watching the movie musical more than the actual musical, probably due to the fact that the movie could do things they can’t do on a stage.

The only thing I wished they added was more scenes with Matilda’s telekinesis. Now, I know this was Roald Dahls Matilda and not the 90’s movie but I would have loved to see a few more scenes with the telekinesis. I especially would have been ecstatic if they somehow included the scene from the 90’s movie where Matilda is dancing and making everything move in her house to music. I know that this is the musical and not the movie so hardcore musical fans don’t hate me but I still think that would have been fun to add. All in all, I’d give this movie a 7.5 out of 10.

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Building Sets Review

So for Christmas, I got 3 different types of building kits so I thought I’d review all 3 and rank them.


I have to give the spot at the bottom to the UGears set. While I was happy with the end result and would possibly do another set like it the actual building was horrible. There were a few times I just wanted to smash it because I was getting super frustrated. All of that is definitely because of the material, not only was it hard to push it into its slot I also always felt like something was going to break. Which I did end up breaking one piece(luckily it was one of like 2 pieces that had a spare) because I thought I fucked something up because it wasn’t spinning. The one positive is that its directions were pretty understandable.


The second spot goes to this metal scorpion set from a company called Gonmoso(I think). I really liked this one because it is super unique, instead of the thin sheets of metal sets you can get everywhere this one is thick pieces of metal and you use tiny screws to put it together. Where the UGears set was annoyingly difficult this one was a fun type of difficult. The only problem this one had was that its directions weren’t the best. There were some parts where the pictures weren’t very clear, the order of the directions would have been better if the were switched, and there was one section were you had to infer that you use certain pieces instead of it just telling you. But if I was able to find another set like this I would 100% do another one.


And of course, the #1 spot goes to the Lego set! I don’t really need to explain why this one gets the top spot since if you know you know but for those who don’t here’s why. First, the material is perfect, it isn’t hard to put together and it’s also very easy to take apart. Second, the directions are perfect they’re extremely easy to understand and the pictures are very clear. So in my eyes, Lego sets are the GOAT of all building sets so obviously it’s the best one.

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I Wanna Dance With Somebody Review

With the amount of musician biopics coming out you’d think I would try and learn a little bit more about the singers but I enjoy learning things about them for the first time during the movie. Which is what I’d consider the best part about these types of movies, learning about their crazy lives on the big screen.

On another note, this music biopic(along with Bohemian Rhapsody) succeeded where all of the others kind of dropped the ball. They succeeded because they created a good balance of switching the focus between the music and the singers’ lives. Other movies seemed to lean more one way or the other which always left me wanting more. The best part of I Wanna Dance was that I felt like I got the whole story, I was never left wondering what happened. Altogether it was a really good movie and I would give it an 8 out of 10.

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Vision Quest (The Demon’s Apprentice 3) Review

Slowly making my way through this series and so far it hasn’t disappointed. As always I’m loving the characters and the magic but I noticed something that I really like about this series after reading this one. What I realized is that to me this series toes the line perfectly between being considered an adult fantasy book and a YA fantasy. It has that feeling that it could be a great book for all ages, which I love. Another thing that I’m a big fan of is Chance being the type of character that both does it on his own but also uses any help he can get. It always leads to the bad guy being fucked because they don’t expect the MC to bring help which is always entertaining.

While I’m loving this series so far there was one thing that annoyed me in this book. That, of course, is my disappointment that Winthrop didn’t stay a massive douche the whole time! I was looking forward to having that one character who’s a douche but not an asshole(there’s a difference). You know, the type of character that everyone loves to hate but still doesn’t want to see die? That’s what I was hoping Winthrop was going to be, but sadly he had to go and be a semi-decent person. But in all seriousness, I give this book an 8 out of 10 and I can’t wait to see what else happens, especially when Chance goes to magic school.