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It’s the hope that kills you

On the eve of the premiere of season 2 of Ted Lasso I wanted to share a few of my hopes for and things I’m excited about in season 2.

Hopes and Excitements

  1. Obviously the biggest is that AFC Richmond gets promoted by the end of the season(cause come on the can’t not be promoted)
  2. Roy is now retired but just keeps showing up at the club for no reason. When asked why he’s there he either lies and says he’s there for Keeley or he just tells them to fuck off and then storms away.
  3. This is my more out there hope but I’d like to see Ted start up an actual relationship with Sassy.
  4. I also weirdly hope that Tommy comes back to take an usie with someone.
  5. And of course i hope that Baz, Jeremy, and Paul haven’t changed one bit!
  6. Probably my biggest thing I’m excited for is meeting Led Tasso! From the little bit I’ve seen in the trailer he seems awesomely crazy.
  7. I’m also very curious if and what more are we going to see of Jamie. I hope we get to see him becoming as big of a fan of Ted as Ted is of him.
  8. I also really really really hope we get a pillow fight instead of movie night!!!!!!
  9. I’m also very curious to learn if Coach Beard is his real name or just because he has a beard?!?!?

Well these are just a few of my dreams and such for season 2. I can’t wait!!

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He’s here, He’s there, He’s every-Fucking-where. Roy Kent!

If you’re confused you suck and need to watch Ted Lasso right now! I don’t want to spoil any big plot points but it’s super fun to watch! So first I’ll tell you about the basic plot, it’s about Ted Lasso an American football coach who becomes a coach of a British soccer team. Yup it’s as problematic for Ted as you might think but he never lets it get to him. That’s the best part of Ted Lasso is his optimism in all he goes through. Which is surprising when he has to deal with an entire country and his team calling him a wanker for half the season. The best part of this show is the characters!

  • Obviously Ted Lasso= the optimistic coach
  • Coach Beard= Ted’s quite friend and co-coach that possesses all of Teds soccer knowledge and much more
  • Nate the Great= the kit manager who knows more then people think
  • Roy Kent= the team captain whose dialogue is 80% the word fuck
  • Rebecca= the team owner whose going thru some stuff
  • Oh and you can’t forget Keeley= whose famous for being semi-famous

Forget any plot I’d watch this show over and over again just to see these 6 characters going about their lives because they’re so entertaining.

Now I know your probably wondering but where can I watch this show thats super funny and entertaining to watch? Thats the sucky part its an AppleTv+ show so you have to pay for it or find it elsewhere *wink wink* but thats up to you.