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The Dark Wizard: Adventures of Sebastian Morrow Review

Have you ever had one of those times where you try to predict where the plot is going but the actual plot is nothing like how you wanted it to go? Well reading this book was one of those times for me. I wanted this book to be a complex story with a morally grey/anti-hero/good bad guy type main character who realizes everything’s not black and white and that “dark” magic in itself isn’t evil. I wanted an intense emotional struggle ending in the realization of “fuck society I do what I want”. But instead, I got a boy worried about being rude/sarcastic to the man who essentially enslaved him.

Besides the fact that the book was nothing like how I thought it would be, it was also boring, unfortunately. The fight scenes were insanely quick and severely lacking in description. We barely saw Sebastian learn any magic even though multiple people said he was super powerful. Most of the magic we did see was just telekinesis. Literally, the most interesting parts of this book were the violence committed by the main villain and the possible dilemma of either choosing to die or sacrificing people to live that Sebastian would have faced when The Dark Wizard died. But that last one was a lie anyway so that was bullshit. I was just really disappointed with this book so I have to give it a 5 out of 10.