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My Top 10 Bots!

Since there’s no new Battle Bots episode tonight I decided I’ll fill that Battle Bots-sized hole in my heart with my official top 10 favorite bots.

  1. SAWBLAZE!!!!
    • If you’ve read any of my previous predictions then this one isn’t surprising. I just think it’s perfect in every way. Great defense, offense, and its got great style. Plus nothing can beat a dragon-headed blade! And of course, a very humble team is always a plus for me.
  2. HYDRA
    • I really like flippers and most agree that Hydra is the best flipper around so far. I also think it has a pretty nice theme.
    • This might actually be a surprising one for some people but I really enjoy hammer bots and I love how fast Shatter is and I’m a pretty big sucker for omni-wheels. And I just can’t get enough of the iridescent pieces on it. (Style is very important to me as you might have guessed)
    • I love the speed, the craziness, and as also the color scheme! I do have to admit that just a few years ago I wasn’t that big of a fan of the Hypershock team but they’ve really grown on me recently.
    • It’s fast, great color scheme, and of course Matty Vasquez’s amazing driving! What more could you want?
    • Quantum’s really become one of my tops this year. It just looks so cool and I can’t stop myself from saying “chomp” every time it bites into anything.
    • This is probably very shocking to a lot but they have a specific place in my heart after they made that huge divot in the Battle Bots floor.
    • Kraken’s kind of like Quantum in the way that I love it when the bots look like they’re actually biting each other.
    • What can I say I love me a hammer saw bot!
    • Classy style and can pack a good punch, what more do you need.

Well, these are my top 10. I do have to say that depending on the day numbers 2-5 can sometimes switch but usually, they stay in that order.