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The Vault(2021) Review

After scrolling through Netflix, I came across this movie and decided to give it a chance. Overall it was an okay movie, but I still feel conflicted about it. What made me the most conflicted was that no matter how hard I tried I just couldn’t suspend my disbelief in this movie. Normally, I’m pretty good at doing that but for some reason, I just kept questioning everything. Like if Moreland had a legitimate salvage business why didn’t he get permission to salvage, why was MI6 interested in a treasure hunt, why did this salvaged treasure go to the most secure bank in Spain first and not just a normal museum, if they’re so serious about the safety of the bank why wasn’t there any security protecting the actual weight system? These are the biggest problems I just couldn’t get past.

My other problem with this movie is that they seemed to try and combine a heist movie with a treasure-hunting movie. Which is a great idea but it just fell short this time. I’ve noticed that heist and treasure-hunting movies have one really big distinction. With great heist movies, it’s perfectly fine for the only motivation to be greed but with treasure-hunting movies, it’s much more complicated. In all of the best treasure-hunting movies, the main character is motivated by more than just greed. Usually, it’s something like the wish to preserve history(Indiana Jones), or more commonly they are just trying to finish what a loved one started. And The Vault pretty much ignored what could be called the “right” motivation when it comes to the treasure. If they had made the goal of the movie to just rob the bank then I think the movie would have been a lot better. But instead they added that long-lost treasure part, without adding the good guy motivation, so it gave off the greedy bad guy vibe instead of the much preferred good bad guy vibe. All in all I’m very conflicted if this was a good or bad movie so I’m giving it a 5 out of 10.

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Outer Banks Season 3 Review

This season was classic Outer Banks, crazy scenarios, unbelievably perfect timing, and poorly thought-out plans. Which is why I love watching this show. The same ridiculousness that probably causes some to hate the show is the same reason why I enjoy it. One of the best parts of Outer Banks is the predictable unpredictability; you know shit will go down you, just don’t know what exactly will happen or how it will be fixed. And this season was chocked full of those exact scenarios.

For this season there were 2 things(good and bad) that stuck in my head. Weirdly enough the good thing that I really liked was how they portrayed El Dorado. All other shows and movies show El Dorado as being made up of grand gold temples and buildings, so I felt it was a really unique choice to have it be so simple compared to every other iteration I’ve seen. While it’s a problem in all the seasons this one tidbit was particularly annoying this season, that tidbit is of course the lack of communication between the Pogues. There were so many times when they should have just sent a text and problems could have been solved much quicker. Having more phone calls/texts also could have made things a tad bit more realistic. Even though realisticness is not what we’re looking for in Outer Banks, a little bit of it couldn’t hurt when defending the show to a hater. But even though it’s crazy, unrealistic, and super dramatic I love watching this show so I give it a 7.5 out of 10.