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She Said Review

All you really need to know about this movie is that it is intense. Before watching this movie I knew the rough outline of what happened but I didn’t really know any details. And boy was I floored by the details. This movie did a great job of telling this story, the actresses and actors were amazing. But what made this movie such a good true story movie was that even though I knew the outcome I was worried, stressed, and even a little bit afraid that the story was going to fail. I had to keep saying to myself “don’t worry they succeed and he gets taken down”. This is a good mark of a successful true story movie if it can take you out of reality enough that it’s almost like you’re reliving events for the first time even though you know the outcome.

The most powerful choice this movie made was the use of hotel hallways. The fact that they could make scenes with nothing but an empty hallway exude such a strong feeling of overwhelming pressure and helplessness was impressive. This movie is a prime example of how to make a “based on a true story” movie and it full deserves a 10 out of 10.

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Till Review

This movie had me crying almost the whole time, which is high praise for a highly emotional movie like this. Danielle Deadwyler was amazing in this movie as Mamie. Her acting was so good that I felt like I was experiencing everything with her and not just watching a movie. Not only was the acting top-notch but the score was perfect. It enhanced every scene excellently, whether the characters were feeling sad, angry, or worried the music helped give the emotions even more weight.

Like most movies based on true stories that I end up seeing I didn’t really know that much about the story beforehand. So, because of that I usually don’t like to say whether a movie like this is accurate or not but there’s just something about this movie that makes it feel accurate. It just gives off that feeling that they put effort into making this movie as truthful as they could be. Which makes this a perfect “based on a true story” movie, informative yet highly emotional and I would give it an 8 out of 10.