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Guilty until proven innocent

Wait, don’t you mean innocent until proven guilty? Nope not in the game Among Us.

Okay, first some background on the game for those who don’t know Among Us. It is an awesome game thats basically a murder mystery game. 1, 2, or 3 of players are an “Imposter” and their only goal is to kill everyone else who is a “Crewmate” who have to do tasks and figure out who the Imposter is and vote them off.

I love this game it lets me live out my crime drama fantasies of catching killers as a Crewmate. Which unlike most other players I prefer more then being the Imposter, which is definitely not because I’m usually shit at killing the other players *wink wink*.

Rant time! Woohoo! Okay I’ve determined there are two types of people who play Among Us. The first is people who watch crime/procedural dramas and the second if you can guess is those that don’t. There are no complaints on the first type, they look for proof and alibis and other evidence of guilt a.k.a. the innocent till proven guilty type of person before they vote someone off. And if you can guess the second is guilty till proven innocent type. They will vote someone off just because they were going to the same places as them or for no reason at all! They will also vote someone off even though the person is saying that the can prove that they’re innocent if just given chance. But noooo they will just keep saying you’re sus(suspicious) and every other dumbass playing will just be like okay lets listen to this person with no proof! Which definitely never happened to me and which definitely never made me want to use the term sheeple before.

But besides my anger(which is totally deserved) at a certain type of player I love playing this game especially when its with people who want to take it seriously! So I’m going to tell everyone to play this game!



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