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Press F to pay respects

I was planning to post about something else but I received some terrible news today that needs to be shared.

My local Taco Bell/KFC has closed and no one knows why! And anyone who knows me knows that Taco Bell is my go to fast food and if theres any drink I love more then Dr. Pepper it’s Baja Blast. This is very bad for me because I don’t think I can survive if my only access to Taco Bell is like 20 minutes away! It was one thing for KFC to replace the potato wedges with those shit fries that belong in the deepest pit of hell, it’s another thing all together for Taco Bell to not exist within 2 miles of me! I just hope that it will open up again soon under new management because I won’t make it the rest of this month without my Baja Blast and #1! So please pray for me and my dearly departed Taco Bell.



I love movies!!!!!!!!!!

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