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Artemis Fowl The Last Guardian

I finally finished the Artemis Fowl series! Now in my defense the set of books I “liberated” from my sister was missing the last 2 books so I had no idea for the longest time that I wasn’t actually done when I thought I was. So, I recently got the last 2 books for my birthday so I reread the the entire series before I read the last 2. As anyone whose reread books know it’s relatively calming because you mostly remember everything that happens. Occasionally you’ll forget something and be surprised for a little bit but in the end when you’re rereading a book nothing is really new so you’re emotions are safe. Now those emotions are extremely in danger when you’re reading a new book, especially when you know those books are the last ones in the series. The entire time you’re reading the book you’re wondering is this it? Is this when my beloved characters meet their end? Do they meet their end? Will they win? Who knows? I surely don’t!

All of these thoughts went through my head when I was reading Atlantis Complex and The Last Guardian and I was loving it! I don’t actually want to say anything about how the series ends because everyone needs to read the Artemis Fowl series for themselves no matter there age! The thing that I really want to mention is the fact that the last 4 sentences of The Last Guardian where the same as the first 4 sentences of the first Artemis Fowl book! I honestly don’t know why but this made my heart burst, it filled me up with so much joy. I’ve dealt with so many different types of endings, some great and some horrible(I’ll complain about those type some other time) but this ending was perfect. Having the sentences be the same made it feel like everything was wrapped up perfectly and it covered every need I had for a satisfying ending. Which is all that really matters for a series finale of anything.



I love movies!!!!!!!!!!

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