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Live-action Mulan Review

I finally watched the new Mulan on Friday because I refused to spend an extra $30 for a movie that I knew in my heart would be a huge disappointment. And surprise surprise it was. So, lets talk about the things Disney did to ruin my second favorite Disney movie of all time one by one. Sorry if this will give spoilers to some people but if you wan’t to be remotely entertained by this movie you need to go into with your eyes opened to the butchering of one of the greatest Disney classics.

First, they “replaced” the great and powerful Mushu with a phoenix! The only thing this phoenix added to the movie was that it was pretty. It did absolutely did nothing but fly around Mulan occasionally. As where Mushu was helpful, funny, and added to the story the phoenix was a “trophy” animal companion. It was just pretty with no purpose.

Second and even more important was the music! This is the thing that really really pisses me off because that is what makes a Disney movie a Disney movie! Especially with Mulan, if I wanted just a normal Mulan story I would watch the actual Chinese made ones. It was even worse that a couple times they played instrumentals versions of the songs that were weird mashups of multiple songs. All in all they ruined it by not including what many would say is the best Disney song of all time!

The worst thing they did was making Mulan into some super skilled witch with magic fighting skills. One of the best things about Mulan was that she became the awesome badass she was through hard work and practice. They completely ruined that by making her perfect at the beginning. The whole magic thing they added into the movie ruined the realisticness of the original movies plot.

Everything I heard about Mulan before it came out was that they wanted to make a culturally accurate movie so they had to change things but everything they changed just ruined the greatness of the original instead so it was a 5 out of 10.



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