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BattleBots S06 E06: Predictions

Only got a few wrong last week so I’m still trying to get that perfect 100% correct predictions. Maybe this week?

Rotator vs. Black Dragon

Plain and simple I think Black Dragon will win this one.

Lucky vs. Blade

Now I know Blade didn’t get a good start but I feel like it’s such a weird shape that Lucky might not be able to flip it successfully so I have to go for Blade this time.

Dragon Slayer vs. Minotaur

I’m iffy on this one, I could see Dragon Slayer winning, but ultimately I think Minotaurs weapon is stronger so I have to go for them.

Pain Train vs. Yeti

This has to be Yeti all the way. If it’s any other outcome then the hell has frozen over.

Hijinx vs. Kraken

This is one of those hard fights for me to guess because my heart and brain say different things. I could see Hijinx winning but I really like Kraken so I have to root for them.

Defender vs. Riptide

You know I’m not sure but I’m just feeling Defender on this one.

Hypershock vs. Lock-Jaw

Oh no, not another fight that I have no idea. Once again 2 very evenly matched bots so I just have to go with my gut and it says… Hypershock.

Deep Six vs. Smeeeeeeeee

I think it might take a second for Deep Six to get a good angle but as soon as they do the fights theirs.

And once again lets see how I do this time.



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