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Murdaugh Murders: A Southern Scandal Review

I can now add this show to my small list of docuseries that I’ve watched. But since true crime isn’t one of my favorite genres I’m just going to keep it short and jump straight on in. This story was insane and is almost unbelievable that something like this actually happened in the real world. While the story was exceptionally compelling and I got heavily invested in it I, unfortunately, think they made one big mistake. That mistake is that they didn’t wait to make this doc till after the trial was completed. I didn’t realize why I had a problem with this until after I finished the show. During the show, I was all in on all of the Murdaughs being murderers, but it wasn’t till later that I realized the show was sharing just as many rumors/theories as they were facts. This, in turn, gave the show bit of a “guilty until proven innocent” vibe even though we knew the outcome of the trial at the time of watching. If they had waited to finish the show till after the trial finished then it would have seemed more complete and less speculative to me. Because even though I knew he was guilty outside of the show it would have added a nice bit of finality to it.

But besides that, I do think it was a very well-put-together docuseries that did a good job at telling the story, so I would give it a 6 out of 10.

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Live-action ATLA thoughts

As the eventual release date of the Netflix show creeps closer and closer I wanted to share some of my thoughts. First, I do have to admit that I’m relatively optimistic about how this show is going to turn out because let us be honest it can’t be worse than the movie. Sure I’m trying to prepare myself for it not meeting my expectations but I’m hoping that the second time’s the charm. I mean, they already fixed the casting problem and the fact that it’s a series and not a movie should help too.

And I feel like for me to see the show as a success they really only have to do two more things. One, pronounce the names correctly there was absolutely no reason to change the pronunciation(it was just plain stupid). Two, fix the bending; it was absolute trash in the movie so if they put even an ounce of effort into the choreography/special effects then it will be infinitely better. As long as those are fixed I think I can live with anything else they change. Well… that’s not entirely true, if they make it to the end and decide not to have Aang and Katara as a couple then everything else will be ruined. But I’m preparing myself for it to be dark and more adult-ish, so if it does happen I’m not going to be surprised and might actually enjoy it.

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One Dark Window Review

This book is going straight into the I can’t wait to read the sequel pile! There are so many parts of this book that I loved, so let us go ahead and jump right in on my favorite parts. My third favorite part of this book had the perfect combination of action and romance; as a reader who usually prefers the romance as a subplot and not the main plot, it was perfect. The second one is of course the type of magic this book has created. I’m always a sucker for a new type of magic that I haven’t come across before, it gives my imagination something new to think about. And my all-time favorite part of One Dark Window is the main characters and their relationship.

I feel like when many books try to make a strong female lead, she tends to be arrogant or the epitome of “I don’t need your help, can do it myself”. Which is fine sometimes, but I prefer when she is confident but is 100% willing to have help. Another thing I enjoyed about the couple was that in terms of power whether magically or physically they were equal in my eyes. The relationship didn’t feel unbalanced at all which I love to see. I can’t get enough of this book and am eagerly waiting for the sequel, 9 out of 10.

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The Lost Patient Review

I came across this movie randomly on Netflix and thought it sounded intriguing, plus I love finding new foreign films to watch. But man, was I disappointed. This movie was depressing, boring, and weird(and not in a good way). There were so many things wrong with it, first is that it was not a compelling watch at all. My attention kept getting pulled away to more interesting things around me, which is a big problem when you’re watching a movie with subtitles. Second, although some of the details added were important to the plot, it all still felt so random. I just kept saying to myself “why the fuck was this added” because it never felt like it added to the plot.

Now, this next complaint is a spoiler FYI, but I’m not a huge fan of amnesia movies that make you care for the mc only to switch it around and make them the bad guy at the end. I’ve come across quite a few movies/shows like this and some can pull it off but this one did not. Instead of being this unexpected twist, it was pretty predictable, which made it a boring “twist.” But that pales in comparison to the number one reason I disliked this movie I hated the ending. It was one of those endings that felt so abrupt, almost like a cliffhanger but without the knowledge that it will be fixed later. To me, the movie didn’t feel like it wrapped everything up it just felt like it ended right then and there. There was absolutely zero satisfaction at the end so I have to give this movie a 3 out of 10.

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BattleBots S07 E09: Predictions

Once again it’s time for me to make my predictions/wishes.

Gruff vs. Witch Doctor

I’m not sure about this one but I’m feeling Witch Doctor.

Malice vs. Valkyrie

I’ve got to go with Malice with this one.

Madcatter vs. Big Dill

Definitely have to choose Madcatter in this fight.

Ribbot vs. Jackpot

Tough choice in this fight so I’m randomly going to pick… Ribbot.

Skorpios vs. Sawblaze

No doubt I’ve got to choose my number one Sawblaze!

Ripperoni vs. Hijinx

I think Ripperoni has a good chance in this fight so I think they’ll win.

Endgame vs. Hypershock

I really like Hypershock so I hope they win this fight.

And as always let’s hope I can guess them all right this time.

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Red Rising Review

I absolutely loooooooved this book, which was surprising since sci-fi isn’t my number one genre. But I think the fact that this book flawlessly blended a futuristic society with an ancient Roman society allowed it to create a slight fantasy feel to it that I thoroughly enjoyed. And that’s not the only thing I loved about this book because I literally loved everything about this book. I was on edge the whole time wondering how Darrow was going to survive(because I knew/hoped he had to due to there being more books), let alone win. But what truly had me stressing was knowing that Darrow was going to have to change to win but at the same time wanting him to stay true to himself. Oh wait, there was one other thing that had me on the edge of my seat more, and that is wishing that out of all of Darrow’s friends that at least Sevro lives. Honestly, if all of his friends died but Sevro still lived I would have been content(sad but content). I love that crazy little guy and so so so so hope that he stays alive and more importantly loyal to Darrow in the rest of the books. (if he doesn’t my heart is going to break)

Now, if you held a gun to my head and told me to say something bad about Red Rising I guess I would say that the passage of time was vague. But then that would be a lie because even the vagueness of how much time has passed only helped show how little control Darrow had of his life after he agreed to the mission. Basically, all of this boils down to this book being an absolutely positively perfect 10 out of 10.

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Outer Banks Season 3 Review

This season was classic Outer Banks, crazy scenarios, unbelievably perfect timing, and poorly thought-out plans. Which is why I love watching this show. The same ridiculousness that probably causes some to hate the show is the same reason why I enjoy it. One of the best parts of Outer Banks is the predictable unpredictability; you know shit will go down you, just don’t know what exactly will happen or how it will be fixed. And this season was chocked full of those exact scenarios.

For this season there were 2 things(good and bad) that stuck in my head. Weirdly enough the good thing that I really liked was how they portrayed El Dorado. All other shows and movies show El Dorado as being made up of grand gold temples and buildings, so I felt it was a really unique choice to have it be so simple compared to every other iteration I’ve seen. While it’s a problem in all the seasons this one tidbit was particularly annoying this season, that tidbit is of course the lack of communication between the Pogues. There were so many times when they should have just sent a text and problems could have been solved much quicker. Having more phone calls/texts also could have made things a tad bit more realistic. Even though realisticness is not what we’re looking for in Outer Banks, a little bit of it couldn’t hurt when defending the show to a hater. But even though it’s crazy, unrealistic, and super dramatic I love watching this show so I give it a 7.5 out of 10.

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Live-action HTTYD

So, I want to not be excited about them doing a live-action How to Train Your Dragon because, like many other people, I think they are going a little overboard with remakes/live-actions. But I just love HTTYD soooooo much that I get excited just thinking about more to come. Especially when I hear that the original director is also going to be doing the live-action I just can’t help but feel that little nugget of excitement grow.

Now, on the more realistic side, I believe that there is one thing that will make or break this movie. Yup, you guessed it, CGI. They need to get the perfect combination of cool, scary, and cute to knock this movie out of the park. Since it’s “real” I don’t think they can look as cute as they do in the animation, but they also can’t look creepy. It’s going to be a very fine line that they will have to tread for people to be happy. But if they are successful in doing that I feel like everything else will fall into place.

Besides the CGI, I’m also a little nervous about the casting of Hiccup. I will fully admit(only because I know that a bunch of other people are the same) that I had what I like to call a “cartoon crush” on Hiccup when it first came out. And because of that, I’m not sure how my emotions will handle seeing a real version of Hiccup particularly the fact that I’m not sure how old they’ll make him. Will he be age appropriate for me to still have a crush or will I have to squash that crush very quickly? I can see them making Hiccup and his friends either 14 or in their early 20s. Either way, I need to know sooner rather than later so I can prepare myself.

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BattleBots S07 E08: Predictions

I did pretty well last week so let’s hope that continues this week too.

Free Shipping vs. Hydra

Definitely have to go with Hydra.

Huge vs. Fusion

I’m not sure about this one but I’m going to root for Fusion in this fight.

Lock-Jaw vs. Glitch

I feel like Glitch could have a good chance at winning so I’m picking them for this fight.

Beta vs. Shatter!

Considering Shatter is in my top 5 favorite bots I obviously have to root for them but sadly I’m not super confident they will win.

Quantum vs. Black Dragon

While Black Dragon is really good I’m just really enjoying Quantum this season so I hope Quantum wins.

Terrortops vs. Slammo

Terrortops looks pretty cool so I’m rooting for them in this fight.

Tantrum vs. Blip

I enjoy a good flipper bot so I hope Blip wins this one.

This week is definitely a more like a wish list of who I want to win instead of who I actually think will win so lets see if my wishes are granted.