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By These Ten Bones Review

I was recently craving a werewolf story that took place in medieval times(I know pretty specific), so after a little searching online I found Clare B. Dunkle’s book By These Ten Bones. I feel conflicted about this book because I liked it, but I had one huge problem with it. Before I get to the one problem I want to talk about what I did like. First, and foremost, it scratched that itch I had for a medieval werewolf story, which in a book world over saturated with urban and/or erotic werewolf stories is hard to do. Secondly, I enjoyed the relationship between Maddie and Paul/Carver, specifically the fact that (spoiler alert) it ends happy! Sometimes you just need a good ending where everything turns out well for the characters and this book gives you that.

Now, my one problem is that I am annoyed that they called Paul a werewolf. In my eyes, if they don’t turn into a wolf or some type of wolf-man hybrid then it’s not an actual werewolf. And Paul only changed into some type of shadow monster that hissed and gurgled which is not a wolf FYI. So, in my opinion, it’d be more accurate to call him a shapeshifter. But even though the werewolf wasn’t really a werewolf I could still enjoy the story so I’d give it a 6 out of 10.

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Warrior Season 1 & 2 Review

I binged all of seasons 1 and 2 of Warrior for the first time this weekend and I loved it! I have zero complaints. The martial arts…perfection. The plot…intriguing. The characters…amazing. The costumes(especially Ah Toy’s and Mai Ling’s)…to die for. Seriously I love every outfit that those two come out with and would love to wear some of the outfits myself. But I think I specifically loved the fact that there was every type of character that you could want. By that I mean there was the complex main character, the complex “villain” who you can’t make up your mind if you hate them or not, the morally grey character, the good one, the crazy guy who you just love, the character that you absolutely hate and want them to burn in a fire slowly and painful(I’m talking about you Buckley you piece of shit!), and many more. Every character in this show has “someone’s favorite character” vibe. Except Buckley, if he’s your favorite there is something completely wrong with you. I hate Buckley in case you didn’t realize.

On another note, I’m super excited that it’s getting a 3rd season and I want to talk a little bit about my 2 main hopes for the next season. Both are pretty corny just to warn you. Number 1 is that I hope that Ah Sahm and Mai Ling reconcile. I just want to see the siblings happy together and preferably work together to take down some new big bad that’s threatening them. Number 2 and probably the corniest is that I really want Ah Sahm and Penny to be end game. I just love those two together, I feel like their personalities complement each other very well. But really I give this show a 10 out of 10 and can’t wait for more.

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Don’t Give up on the Dark Universe!

So, for some reason recently I started thinking about one of the greatest cinematic universes that never was. That’s right Universals’ Dark Universe. Reminder before I continue for those of you who never knew or forgot about it, the Dark Universe was going to be a cinematic universe starring classic monster movie monsters. I was extremely hyped for it, especially after Dracula Untold. First of all, I love vampire movies and Dracula Untold might be one of my favorites so I was super excited to see more of Luke Evans as Vlad. And as you might have guessed I was immensely disappointed when they scraped the plans.

Now, I understand that The Mummy was a failure (Tom Cruise’s not the perfection that was Brendan Fraser’s) but just because you stumble doesn’t mean you give up altogether. You know you got to get back on the horse. Try Try again. The third time’s the charm. Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater. And any other saying you can think of. Basically just because the one movie was pretty shit doesn’t mean you give up on the whole thing. Like just look at Marvel, The Incredible Hulk didn’t do too well but that didn’t stop them in their tracks did it? No, they ignored its existence and practically erased it from the cannon but they kept chugging along, and thus created what I would consider the best cinematic universe.

All of this is to say that I really really really really want Universal to bring back the Dark Universe. I would absolutely love to have an MCU-style movie series with Dracula, Wolfman, Mummy, Frankensteins Monster, and others fighting like the actual Devil or something like that. It would be amazing and if you disagree you’re crazy. So, once again just want to say “I wish, I wish with all my heart that Universal changes its mind and brings back the Dark Universe”.

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Black Panther: Wakanda Forever Review

Wakanda Forever was a perfect and worthy sequel. I enjoyed it just as much and maybe even a little bit more than the first. As usual, it had amazing acting, CGI, and music so I’m not going to bother talking about the obvious. But there are 2 specific things I do want to talk about. First is of course Shuri’s journey throughout this movie. She was already pretty fun, to begin with, but seeing her go through this emotional journey gave her character the depth that she needed. Shuri went from being the fun, smart aleck, younger sister to a strong warrior.

Now, the second thing I want to talk about is Namor of course. More specifically I want to talk about how I enjoyed the fact that for 90% of the movie Namor was a straight-up villain. I would say there were only a few moments where I felt where he was coming from, but then he immediately said some stupid-ass villain stuff and I was like “oh yeah never mind you’re bad bad not misunderstood bad”. I can’t help comparing him to Killmoger whose movie did a good job of making you feel conflicted about him. While in Wakanda Forever it did a really good job of making sure Namor was seen as a villain. Sure he might have had a “good and noble” motivation but he just kept saying and doing very bad things. And that felt very refreshing for me, after watching a bunch of movies with a bunch of complex villains who you can’t help but wonder if they were right. You know sometimes you just want a bad guy who’s a bad guy and nothing more.

So I feel like this movie gets a nice and solid 8 out of 10.

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The Bastard Son & The Devil Himself Review

I’m a big fan of the Half Bad Trilogy so I was excited when I heard Netflix was making a show based on the series. Since I was that excited I hate saying it since it’s so cliché, but… the book was better. Now, don’t get me wrong I do think the show is good and I definitely do want them to make more because I am interested to see where it’s going. Especially since they changed sooooooo much which means I would have no idea where they’d go in a second season. Which then means I wouldn’t have much to compare it to.

But, I still have to say that I was pretty disappointed because the book was extremely heart-wrenching. I felt like I was crying every other page, so I was pretty shocked at how good Nathan’s life was in the show compared to the book. That was probably my biggest problem with the show. I can get over changing characters’ powers for no reason or even removing characters altogether. But what really got me was how the trauma Nathan went through in the show was an extremely pale imitation of what book Nathan went through. I was both expecting and excited to be like “Oh my gosh that’s even worse seeing it than reading it!” so I was kind of let down when my heart wasn’t even given the chance to be broken.

Even though I wasn’t extremely happy with the show I did enjoy it. My favorite part was the casting of Nathan and Gabriel. Now I will forever picture them from the show whenever I read the books again which I see as a sign of good casting. I also thought the special effects for the magic were really good. So, when I put the good and the bad together I would give the show a 6 out of 10. With a strong possibility of getting better with more seasons.

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The Dark Ability Review

I’ve been reading a lot of urban fantasy recently so I wanted to take a break and read some high fantasy. With a little scrolling on my kindle, I found The Dark Ability by DK Holmberg and decided to give it a try. All I need to say is that I started it earlier this week and I’m already on the second one(lucky me I thought it was a standalone for some reason at first)! So far I am loving this series. I will say this though I was a little disappointed at first because I thought Rsiran’s ability was going to be controlling shadows(which is my all-time favorite magic power) but teleporting is a good substitute for me.

Now back to the stuff I love. I wasn’t expecting to love the blacksmithing parts so much but that might be my favorite part. I also can’t get enough of thieves/burgeoning criminals in a fantasy setting and this book is satisfying that need. Especially since I keep coming across books about reformed thieves but that’s boring, I want sneaky boys who steal things! So, I can only hope that Rsiran keeps growing into the perfect criminal in the rest of the books. Besides Rsiran being an ideal character, the mystery in this story keeps me very intrigued. I can’t wait for all of the pieces to come together. I can keep talking about each separate part of this book that I love, but I’m just going to boil it down and say that this book is a 9 out of 10. And I can’t wait to see where it’s going!

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Enola Holmes 2 Review

I liked the first movie, but I enjoyed this one way more. That’s probably because Sherlock is more present in this one. I think Sherlock being in this one more helped make the movie better for multiple reasons. The first and I think least impactful reason is that I just plain like Sherlock so I enjoy it when he’s around. But the more important reason was that having Sherlock around showed the viewers how different Enola is from her brothers. By having the comparison between Sherlock and Enola up front and center it allowed us to see that Enola is still learning and growing up so we get more of that coming-of-age story(and who doesn’t love a good coming-of-age story?!). I also feel like it helped make Enola look “better” in a way since we could see how much better she is at making meaningful connections to other people compared to Sherlock(who we all know has very limited people skills).

This brother-sister bond just makes the crime-solving part of the movie that much better because it adds that bit of competition to it. Although if you’re like me you end up rooting for both of them and can’t decide if you want Enola or Sherlock to figure out the mystery first. All in all, I would give this movie a 7 out of 10, I thought it was pretty good and I would like to see more of the siblings together(and maybe even throw in a little bit of Mycroft).

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To Be Proud or Not To Be Proud

A few months ago I received this email from Spotify and it made me think a lot. After reading the email my first thought was that I didn’t know whether I should be proud or feel called out. On one hand, I was like “Ha! I’m a bigger fan than other people!” while on the other I was like “Oh gosh I’m listening to Hamilton way too much!”. But then that actually made me start to think about the specifics of this email. How many other people got the same email? What separates an average listener from a top listener? Is there a top top listener, like is there one specific person in the world who listens to Hamilton the most?

Basically, I just started wondering what are the criteria that Spotify has for these types of things? Specifically how many more times a day do I have to listen to Hamilton than someone else to be on top. But my biggest question was how many other people got the email too? Dozens? Hundreds? Thousands? Millions?!?!?! That’s where I wanted to feel proud because I wanted to be in the special club of a select few obsessed fans, and not a vague group of a million people ranging from people who listen to it casually to obsessed fans. I also started to wonder if there are other types of shows or bands that have the same type of fan-first offers? If so I would like to know so I could start a new listing obsession to get those sweet deals.

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Till Review

This movie had me crying almost the whole time, which is high praise for a highly emotional movie like this. Danielle Deadwyler was amazing in this movie as Mamie. Her acting was so good that I felt like I was experiencing everything with her and not just watching a movie. Not only was the acting top-notch but the score was perfect. It enhanced every scene excellently, whether the characters were feeling sad, angry, or worried the music helped give the emotions even more weight.

Like most movies based on true stories that I end up seeing I didn’t really know that much about the story beforehand. So, because of that I usually don’t like to say whether a movie like this is accurate or not but there’s just something about this movie that makes it feel accurate. It just gives off that feeling that they put effort into making this movie as truthful as they could be. Which makes this a perfect “based on a true story” movie, informative yet highly emotional and I would give it an 8 out of 10.

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Young Royals Season 2 Review

I absolutely loved the first season so it’s no surprise that I adored the second too. And before I say anything there will be potential spoilers so don’t hate me if I spoil anything. This season had my emotions on a rollercoaster the whole time. One moment I was joyful seeing Wilhelm learning how to not only deal with his emotions but also learn that his feelings are indeed valid. Next, I was getting frustrated at Simon for basically convincing himself that he needs to move on from Wilhelm even though he still loves him. And don’t get me started on the whole separate rollercoaster that was the show seeming to try and get me to forgive August, even though I never want to forgive that douche nozzle ever! (don’t worry if you’re like me and want August to still be a shitty person, he’s still can’t help being shitty) Oh and I can’t forget the unexpected craziness that came from Sara learning about the pitfalls of love.

This season was just plain great. Even the parts that made me question what they were doing ended up going in a satisfying direction. One unexpected surprise in this season was that I might actually be on my way to forgiving the Queen, well that actually depends on how she reacts to that season finale. Which I hope can only mean there will be a season 3 because we can’t end the show on that bombshell of an ending. So, once again Young Royals was an amazing show and I give it a 10 out of 10.