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The Boys: All Q’s and no A’s

This is super random, but recently I’ve had all these questions pop into my head about The Boys(the YouTubers not the show), so I thought why not write them down.

  1. Do the boys call each other by their youtube names even when they’re not recording or do they use their real names? Also, do they have them listed in their contacts by their real names or youtube names?
    • With Josh, Eddie, and Mully this question doesn’t really matter for obvious reasons but I’m very curious about Narrator and Juicy.
  2. This might be a stupid question but are all The Boys and The Girls invited to Eddie and Gabby’s wedding?
  3. Is the money that’s made from the youtube channel, merch, Spotify, etc. get split evenly between the boys?
    • I would assume that it’s split evenly because that seems like the easiest way but I’m curious if it’s more complicated than that.
    • I’m also wondering if for the reaction videos they do with each other on their own channels if the guest gets a cut or if it is understood that all of it goes to whoever’s channel the video is on?
  4. Do they have normal sleeping schedules?
    • I can only imagine that their sleeping schedules are fucked up from trying to find the perfect time to record with someone on the other side of the world.

I know most of these aren’t any of my business but hey I can’t really help what questions pop into my head and the curiosity is killing me.

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#1 problem of being a fan of YouTubers

As many nerds out there know one of the best parts of being a nerd is talking about all your various fandoms! Especially when it’s happy or exciting things. When it’s something widely enjoyed by many people, like the MCU or Game of Thrones, there’s plenty of people to talk to and life is good. But what do you do when those around you don’t care about your current obsession or it’s something more niche and they have no idea what you’re talking about? For me thats usually the anime/k-drama I’m watching or something about my favorite YouTubers. Luckily though I have one friend who also enjoys anime/k-drama so I can talk to them about anything in the shows and even watch it with them and they will also get happy which will make even more happiness. But when I get excited about The Boys releasing No No Brush plushes again or being in a dino herd with SovietWomble on The Isle no one I know understands how big of a deal that is, so I sit in silence unable to share the joy. But I’m get off point, so what do you do when you can’t share the joy? You “suffer” in silence that’s what you do.

But honestly that’s how it feels some times. Because you have so much happiness and you want to share that happiness and in turn make even more happiness which makes even more happiness. Seriously it can be an infinite loop if you let it, like sometimes I feel like my nerd joy could power a nuclear power plant. But back on track again when those joyous emotions have no one to be shared with they kinda just fizzle out. Like I think that it’s actually harder to not be able to share happiness then sadness. If I go to someone and complain about a character dying they’ll usually understand since they can image their own favorite characters dying and they will share your pain and comfort you and then life is good. But if I go and try and share my EXTREME excitement about buying and the subsequent wait time till I get The Boys No No Brush plush no one understands. They don’t know that the said plush came out before and you missed your chance last time. They also don’t know that it’s a limited-time thing and that you may never get the chance again. And they DEFINITELY don’t understand what’s so amazing about a strange green brush character in underwear and the history behind it. Like seriously how do you explain this to someone whose never watched a Boys video?

They see this pic and have no idea what to think, I see this pic and get super excited about how that guy(the green one) will be mine soon!

I go through the same thing when I’m able to get into a dinosaur herd with SovietWomble when I play The Isle. Which I’ve been able to do 3 times so far might I add. Only one person I know can even imagine how big of a deal that is for me and they don’t even play The Isle. The rest don’t even know who Womble is let alone what goes into getting in a group like that in a game like The Isle. But for me that’s a HUUUUUUUGE deal and it makes my week when something like that happens. Like so huge I keep a photo on my phone to this day to prove it ever happened.

LOOK AT THAT IT HAPPENED! So, when I go around shouting for joy the unfortunate people who don’t understand are always like “wow that’s nice” and I’m like no it’s more then nice it’s AMAZING. It’s the good version of apocalyptic, if thats a thing. So I have no other choice to share my love and joy on here and hope others out there on the world wide web will understand and share some of my greatest joys.