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The Boys: All Q’s and no A’s

This is super random, but recently I’ve had all these questions pop into my head about The Boys(the YouTubers not the show), so I thought why not write them down.

  1. Do the boys call each other by their youtube names even when they’re not recording or do they use their real names? Also, do they have them listed in their contacts by their real names or youtube names?
    • With Josh, Eddie, and Mully this question doesn’t really matter for obvious reasons but I’m very curious about Narrator and Juicy.
  2. This might be a stupid question but are all The Boys and The Girls invited to Eddie and Gabby’s wedding?
  3. Is the money that’s made from the youtube channel, merch, Spotify, etc. get split evenly between the boys?
    • I would assume that it’s split evenly because that seems like the easiest way but I’m curious if it’s more complicated than that.
    • I’m also wondering if for the reaction videos they do with each other on their own channels if the guest gets a cut or if it is understood that all of it goes to whoever’s channel the video is on?
  4. Do they have normal sleeping schedules?
    • I can only imagine that their sleeping schedules are fucked up from trying to find the perfect time to record with someone on the other side of the world.

I know most of these aren’t any of my business but hey I can’t really help what questions pop into my head and the curiosity is killing me.



I love movies!!!!!!!!!!

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