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Dexters Back! Now what?

So as you might have heard Showtime is brining back Dexter for a limited series event, which is super awesome! But I’m more interested in what this might mean for other shows.

We all know that a bunch of shows are getting remakes but the only ones so far that have “come back” are older comedy shows like Will & Grace. So I feel like Dexter coming back even if it’s just for a limited time is opening up the door for other shows to be revived if it’s profitable.

The shows that I think could be the ones that have a chance of coming back from the dead would be the ones that were “ended” instead of “cancelled”. There are plenty of shows out there that had and still have huge fanbases but only got cancelled because they lived out their story and Dexter coming back is a perfect test run for other channels to see if beloved shows that ended could succeed if they came back with the same characters. I like to imagine that if the episodes of Dexter have huge ratings that other TV channels will follow in their foot steps and bring back other fan favorites.

But besides fan favorites I feel like this could be a huge opportunity for some shows to get a second chance if you will. Since I watch too many shows of course I’ve had to deal with shows that were cancelled after only one season and I feel like this might be the chance these shows needed to come back to a time thats better for them. Like there are some shows that I believe were “ahead of their time” by this I mean that they didn’t come out at the right time. Like the show The Cape which was a superhero show but it came out just before everyone started making superhero tv shows so it didn’t make it past the 1 season mark. I believe/like to think that if it came out now it would get way more love from viewers and thus would get more seasons. It’s also the same for shows that were on before viewers started to use social media to convince channels save shows and show them that people do love the show. So, I hope that a relatively newish show like Dexter actually coming back and not being a remake might allow for some of my favorite shows to come back to life. Of course this is just my optimistic hopes so that I have something it wish for.



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