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Young Royals Review

I absolutely love this show and hope with all my heart and Netflix’s viewership that it gets a second and third and fourth and…(you know where I’m going with this) season. This show has everything you’d could want from a teen drama its got romance, unique characters, twists that get me every time, and of course all the drama you could want. And a cliffhanger that keeps you want more! For those who haven’t seen the trailers yet for Young Royals the basic plot is a young Swedish prince(who just wants a normal life) gets caught in a scandal and his family sends him to a boarding school where he deals with everything that comes from being a reluctant prince with the complications that come with budding romance. This show got to me so many times, I just kept wishing over and over that Wilhelm(the aforementioned prince) will get to live a happy life.

I’m going to pause my gushing of my love of Young Royals for a moment to talk about how I love Netflix for bringing this to into my radar. If it wasn’t for Netflix I most likely would have never gotten the opportunity to get into anime, k-drama, and all other foreign shows that I love so much. So, I’m always surfing Netflix for some really good international show and I get really excited when I can experience a new show from a new country. Oh and for those who don’t want to watch foreign shows because of subtitles… get over it! Just joking, or am I? But really in case you don’t know most of Netflix’s original foreign show have english dubbed for those who don’t want to read, so you need to watch it!

Now back to Young Royals, honestly one of my favorite things of this show was how unique each character was. I loved(and loved to hate) every character and really really hope I get to see what becomes of all of them. So, this show was definitely a 10 out of 10!



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