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50m2 Review

I been wanting to watch this show for awhile and I finally had the time to watch it and I enjoyed it so much I watched all 8 episode in basically 1 day. Which anyone who binge watches know that’s a blessing and a curse because it’s so good you can’t stop but then you’re left with nothing at the end. For those who don’t know 50m2 is a Turkish Netflix show about a hitman who tries to start a new life by assuming the identity of a dead mans son in a small town. And it is amazing!This show is the perfect combination of thriller and comedy! I kept switching from gasping to laughing so many times and I loved every second of it.

All of that is overshadowed by my love of Gölge(Shadow in english) who I would describe as bad guy with a heart of gold. He’s just trying to start a new life and make new connections with people who don’t want to use him or lie to him. During the whole time watching the show I’m rooting for him so much and I hope he can live his own life. Which with the massive cliffhanger I have no idea if that will happen!

All I can hope is that Netflix will bless us with another season because I need to know what will happen to everyone in the show! So, everyone needs to watch this 10 out of 10 show and give it all the love it deserves!



I love movies!!!!!!!!!!

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