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Ron’s Gone Wrong Review

Cute and entertaining, that’s how I would describe this movie. But more specifically it was also entertaining for adults too which I think is the sign of a good kids movie. Because if you can keep both kids and adults amused at the same time then clearly you’re doing something right.

Truthfully there’s not much more to say without spoiling the movie. Except for the fact that at the beginning of the movie I got a very strong The Mitchells vs. the Machines vibe from it so I kept having to remind myself for the first 10 minutes that this wasn’t that type of AI/robot movie. Which is another thing I noticed after watching this movie that I really enjoyed. I noticed that for the most part this movie was up beat on the topic of AIs. Most media goes in the direction of “AI’s will hate humans and take over the world” but this movie chose the unbelievable direction of “maybe AI’s will just want to be our friend”. That was really enjoyable and refreshing to me. But while I enjoyed watching the movie I do have to admit it wasn’t amazing it was just good. So I give this movie a 6 out of 10.



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