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Eternals Review

Now that it’s been enough time for the spoiler free grace period to be over I can give my honest review without worrying about spoiling it for others. All in all I would rate this as an upper mid tier MCU movie. It was a great movie but there was really just one big flaw that kept me from loving it a lot.

First, lets talk about the best part of the movie. That is the characters. I loved how all the characters were their own unique person. I especially loved how each one had their own special power, which in turn made it hard for me to decide who was my favorite! I just really enjoyed watching this little family interact and all their individual views and ideas.

This love for the characters also leads to my biggest problem I had with the movie. As a lot of you could guess yes it’s the death of some of the characters. I will admit I’m a sucker for a “happy” ending where everyone lives but that’s only a small part of why I didn’t liked that the characters died. One part is that you barely got to see the what those characters could do. But that all pales in comparison to the disappointment I had in the death of Ikaris. I thought them having Ikaris kill himself at the end was a cheap way of ending his story. They should have had him stay alive and make up for what he did and try to give him a tough redemption arc. But it wasn’t just him quite a few of the characters got shitty endings that felt like they ruined great potential for new heros. So, because of this I would only give Eternals a 6.5 out of 10.



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