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BattleBots S06 E04: Predictions

So…. last week I absolutely sucked at my predictions. I think that mostly came down to my own personal dislike of lifters(I find them boring usually) so I didn’t want to admit to myself that they could indeed win. Hopefully I can redeem myself this time.

Malice vs. Jackpot

I feel like Jackpot might win this one. They’re both pretty evenly matched I feel but Jackpot has the chance to get a good hit on Malice’s wheels.

Ribbot vs. Overhaul

I want to say that Overhaul has a chance at a good bite but my gut is saying Ribbot will win.

Blade vs. Skorpios

Blade looks very interesting but I just love hammer saws so I always have to root for them. So, I have to say Skorpios.

Tombstone vs. Mammoth

I honestly have no idea how this one might go. Like most people I immediately assumed Tombstone will win but when I think about it Mammoth has done some crazy upsets. But I’ll play it safe and say Tombstone will win.

Lucky vs. Tantrum

I don’t know if I’m being to confident but I feel like this one has to go to Tantrum all the way.

Ghost Raptor vs. Glitch

Sure Glitch should win the low ground but I have a feeling Ghost Raptors weapon is more powerful so I have to go with them.

Sawblaze vs. Madcatter

This is once again one that I feel they both are really really good but Sawblaze is probably my favorite bot out of all of them so I’ve got to root for my fav.

Retrograde vs. Rampage

I don’t normal go for the lifter but I think Retrograde has a good chance of flipping Rampage and getting a KO.

Now lets hope I get more then 2 correct this time.



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