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BattleBots S06 E03: Predictions

Once again I’m giving my predictions for tonights episode, and considering I got 6 out of 8 correct last time I think I might be okay at the guessing part!

Hypershock vs. Slammo!

If this one turns out to be anything but a KO by Hypershock I would be honestly shocked.

Valkyrie vs. P1

Once again I’ve got to chose the robot with the violent weapon instead of a lifter so I’m going for a Valkyrie win.

Huge vs. Riptide

This one looks like a tough one for Riptide so I’d have to chose Huge since Huge will probably have a better chance at hitting Riptide.

Fusion vs. Cobalt

I’m not sure about this one but I’d have to say Cobalt because as unique as Fusion is it doesn’t have the best track record.

Black Dragon vs. Icewave

This is another tough one to chose because these are 2 good bots but I’d have to go with Icewave. Exposed wheels versus covered wheels usually makes me lean towards the covered.

Witch Doctor vs. Duck!

As durable as Duck! is I’d have to give this to Witch Doctor.

Copperhead vs. Lock-Jaw

Oh gosh I have no idea for this one since these bots are pretty even in my eyes. So I’ll chose the one with more wheels which means Lock-Jaw.

Claw Viper vs. Pardon My French

You might be able to guess which one I’ll pick as the winner of this fight since I always chose any other type of bot over a lifter but in case you can’t guess I’m voting for Pardon My French.

So… lets see if I get more or less guesses right this week.



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