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To Be Proud or Not To Be Proud

A few months ago I received this email from Spotify and it made me think a lot. After reading the email my first thought was that I didn’t know whether I should be proud or feel called out. On one hand, I was like “Ha! I’m a bigger fan than other people!” while on the other I was like “Oh gosh I’m listening to Hamilton way too much!”. But then that actually made me start to think about the specifics of this email. How many other people got the same email? What separates an average listener from a top listener? Is there a top top listener, like is there one specific person in the world who listens to Hamilton the most?

Basically, I just started wondering what are the criteria that Spotify has for these types of things? Specifically how many more times a day do I have to listen to Hamilton than someone else to be on top. But my biggest question was how many other people got the email too? Dozens? Hundreds? Thousands? Millions?!?!?! That’s where I wanted to feel proud because I wanted to be in the special club of a select few obsessed fans, and not a vague group of a million people ranging from people who listen to it casually to obsessed fans. I also started to wonder if there are other types of shows or bands that have the same type of fan-first offers? If so I would like to know so I could start a new listing obsession to get those sweet deals.



I love movies!!!!!!!!!!

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