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My hopes for Teen Wolf: The Movie

With the release date inching ever closer and the hype getting stronger every day that passes I wanted to talk about some of my wishes for this movie.

  • Like everyone else(probably) I too wish they’re pulling an Andrew Garfield moment and lying to us about Dylan O’Brien not being in the movie. Realistically I know he’s not going to be in it but I just can’t believe they wouldn’t wait till a time he was free, it just doesn’t make sense to me. But since I know he’s not going to be in the movie I at least hope some character has a scene where they’re just hanging up the phone and they say something along the lines of “Stiles says hi but he’s working on an FBI case…”.
  • There better not be any falling out or drifting apart between the pack at the start. I’m fine if it’s along the lines of “we now have adult lives and are always busy so we haven’t seen each other in a few weeks”. But if Scott and the others are not close anymore at the beginning I’m rioting.(at least until the get back together)
  • Scott better not be with Malia still. This might be because I am still a die-hard Scallison shipper and fully believe they are the OTP but I hated them putting Scott and Malia together. It felt so forced to me especially since I always saw their relationship as more of a brother/sister relationship, plus I never noticed anything romantic between until the moment they got together. So the whole relationship felt wrong to me.
  • On the relationship note I really really really hope that by the end of the movie Allison is herself (because it’s pretty clear she’s not herself from the trailer) and alive and Scott and she can be happy together. I just want my babies to be happy is that so wrong!?

Besides those few things I’m not too worried about anything else that happens because I am just extremely stoked that we’re getting more Teen Wolf because I never thought I’d get to watch more of my favorite show!


I love movies!!!!!!!!!!

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