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Bingeing Vs. Weekly Watching

Today I was randomly thinking about if I prefer binge-watching or weekly watching more. I definitely prefer weekly watching then bingeing. I think the only time binge-watching is fine is when it’s either a short season or the episodes are short. Anything outside of those parameters is much harder to binge, it’s not impossible just harder, especially for someone with a busy schedule. Obviously, I still binge when I can but I think that’s more due to the fact that I’m afraid of spoilers. That’s probably why I think weekly episodes are better because it is way easier to avoid spoilers for a single episode than for an entire season.

Another plus for weekly episode watching in my book is probably a con for others, but that is that it lasts longer. I get to have more time to obsess about the show, predict future events, and even more time to create head cannons. The only 2 benefits I can think of for binge-watching are that if you can watch all the episodes at once then you feel successful and that it can be fun doing a binge marathon with others. But besides that, there are way more benefits of weekly episode watching than binge watching and if Netflix decides to only do weekly episodes I would be a-okay.

The only con I can think of for weekly watching is that if you get behind by a week or two it sometimes gets hard to catch up. But that’s really the only con I can think of so I’m for weekly watching all the way!



I love movies!!!!!!!!!!

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