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Charm School (The Demon’s Apprentice 4) Review

Once again another great addition to The Demon’s Apprentice series. Just like all of the others, I can’t get enough of this book’s brand of magic. For some reason, it feels more “magical” than other books I’ve read and I love that. What I love even more is Chance, there are not many MCs that make me as emotional as Chance does. Every time he mentions his trauma so casually I just want to hug him and tell him that pain shouldn’t be his norm. While I want to comfort him I’m also constantly impressed with his strength and his ability to be more than his past.

Now as much as I love this book as a whole I was disappointed with one thing. I wished there were way more magic classes. That seems strange but I was really looking forward to seeing Chance show all of the snobby bluebloods how smart he can be. I was also hoping there would be one of those scenes where the asshole teacher realize that “hey this kid’s smart and not at all like I thought they were.” I also just plain love classes in books because it’s a perfect way for me to learn more about the book’s world in a fun way. This lack of classes is actually a big factor for me so I have to give this book 7.5 out of 10.

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Ancient Powers (The Helsing Society book 5)

I’ve loved every other book in this series so it’s no surprise that this one is another success! But with this one, I guess you could say I had a bunch of realizations of why I love this series so much. After reading some slower-paced books I realized that my favorite part of this series is that it’s fast-paced. I never get bored and I’m constantly excited to see what happens next. Another thing I noticed while reading this one is that I quite enjoy when there are the quick little takes on modern society from the character’s viewpoints. It makes the characters seem more real, which is always a bonus. The last thing that I appreciate is surprising to me since I’m a person who has never smoked in their entire life and honestly has no desire to, but I actually really enjoy weed’s importance in this story. I think that’s because putting it in a supernatural story is a fun way to learn about a different communities culture.

Now that I’ve talked about all the sweet nice stuff that I like, let’s now talk about the shit that I love to hate!!!! FUCKING CLIFFHANGERS! Oh my gosh, I was living a nice peaceful life about to enjoy the date I’d been waiting, 6 books for, and then BAM everything was ruined! I am so damn glad that after finishing this book I learned that the next book comes out the next day. Because if I had to wait for an extended period for this to be fixed I would have rioted. And man if I don’t get my real ass date by the end of book 6… oh man will I be mad.

So this addition to The Helsing Society gets a 9 out of 10 (would have been 10 out of 10 but my long-awaited date was ruined… grrrrrrr)

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Page of Swords (The Demon’s Apprentice #2) Review

As of right now, I’m only on the second book but I am really loving it so far. I’m really enjoying everything this book has to offer but my favorite parts so far are the type of magic this book’s world uses and how the author writes trauma. As someone who reads a shit ton of urban fantasy (like I’m not kidding half of my kindle is just urban fantasy), I would say I’m fairly experienced with the different types of magic in urban fantasy books. I would be comfortable saying that right now a lot of urban fantasy “magic” is much closer to superpowers than magic in my opinion. This is why I like this series so much, it has that feel of going back to the roots of magic. You know, more ritualistic magic, where everything from the crystal used to the position of the stars matter. It’s just a really nice breath of fresh air to have a type of magic that needs more then just will power.

Now, the magic is a great part of this book but the part that really gets to me with the excellent writing depicting trauma(especially in a teenager). The way Chance is written is perfect for me. The way he tries to ignore his traumatic past and only lets stuff slip occasionally is super impactful to me. Multiple times throughout the book a single line can make me cry. I’ll just be enjoying the magic and then bang tears! Especially every single mention of Chance not being able to sleep on his bed! It just makes me feel so sad and I just want to hug Chance and make everything safe for him. All in all, I’d give this book an 8 out of 10 and I can’t wait to get to the next one.