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Charm School (The Demon’s Apprentice 4) Review

Once again another great addition to The Demon’s Apprentice series. Just like all of the others, I can’t get enough of this book’s brand of magic. For some reason, it feels more “magical” than other books I’ve read and I love that. What I love even more is Chance, there are not many MCs that make me as emotional as Chance does. Every time he mentions his trauma so casually I just want to hug him and tell him that pain shouldn’t be his norm. While I want to comfort him I’m also constantly impressed with his strength and his ability to be more than his past.

Now as much as I love this book as a whole I was disappointed with one thing. I wished there were way more magic classes. That seems strange but I was really looking forward to seeing Chance show all of the snobby bluebloods how smart he can be. I was also hoping there would be one of those scenes where the asshole teacher realize that “hey this kid’s smart and not at all like I thought they were.” I also just plain love classes in books because it’s a perfect way for me to learn more about the book’s world in a fun way. This lack of classes is actually a big factor for me so I have to give this book 7.5 out of 10.



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