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I Miss Them

What’s them you ask? Well, it’s supernatural crime dramas of course. And no I don’t mean shows like Supernatural, I mean shows where a vampire/werewolf/medium/mind reader, etc. solves normal crimes (with an occasional supernatural crime thrown in there). I feel like in the early 2000’s there were a bunch of shows like this and I miss them soooo much. Recently I got in the mood of re-watching this type of show so I’ve just been going back and forth between this one Canadian show called The Listener(mind reader) and another show called Moonlight(vampire). Sure sometimes they can get a little cheesy(especially the vampire ones) but on the whole, I just can’t get enough of them. Especially this one Korean drama called Vampire Detective, I love it so much and would just kill to see them do more of it or for someone to make another show like it(either or is fine with me).

I really enjoy the crime drama genre, which is great with the abundance of that type of genre right now but we’re severely lacking in the supernatural crime drama genre. And I want a comeback for that subgenre! More than that, I neeeeeed a comeback, there are only so many times I can rewatch the same old shows over and over again. Plus I think with the combination of people being really into nostalgia right now and a Twilight resurgence on the internet it would be the perfect time to bring back this peak genre. So, I hope by putting this out into the world that the universe will grant my wish and bring this genre back in all it’s glory!



I love movies!!!!!!!!!!

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