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Disney Live-Action Remakes : Thoughts

Before I get into my thoughts on all of their remakes I first want to give my mini opinions on the ones I’ve seen so far.

  • The Jungle Book= I kind of forgot about this one but it was a good remake.
  • Beauty and the Beast= I enjoyed it.
  • Aladdin= I loved it.
  • The Lion King= I was a little disappointed but I was still pretty okay with it.
  • Lady and the Tramp= This one was surprisingly good.
  • Mulan= Complete shit! I was so angry with this one.
  • Cruella= I quite liked this one.

With that out of the way time to get into the nitty-gritty. I am both semi-annoyed and kind of happy about the never-ending influx of live-action remakes. But recently I’ve started to think more along the lines of “Hey the original still exists so why not make a live-action and if it’s good that amazing and if not I can just never watch the new one again.” I was a little shocked when I heard they already want to do Moana(I definitely think it’s waaaaaay too soon for that one) but honestly, I don’t mind if they make more live actions especially if that means they’ll eventually make live actions of Treasure Plant and Atlantis! I would die for those to be remade! If they remade those two and they were on the level of Lion King I would be so happy. Now If they were on the level of Mulan that would be an entirely different story. But all of this is to basically say that I have gotten to the point of hating the thought of Disney doing another live-action.

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Random mini thought #1: Schrödinger’s TV Show

Forget Schrödinger’s Cat, I’m petitioning we change it to Schrödinger’s TV Show. Now, if you are as obsessed with TV shows as I am you might be able to guess where I’m going with this but for those of you who are not let me explain. In Schrödinger’s TV Show, the cat is the tv show, being alive or dead is being renewed/canceled, and opening the box is obviously googling. So, if you never google what’s the fate of a beloved show then it is both canceled and renewed at the same time. Which then in turn makes you both hopeful and depressed at the same time, WooHoo.

But seriously, I’m going through this dilemma right now with the Lockwood & Co. show. Even though I’m preparing myself for a cancellation, I haven’t tried looking it up because I don’t want to confirm my fear. If I don’t google it I can still have hope that it will come back! As everyone knows “Ignorance is bliss” which is Schrödinger’s TV Show’s motto. So, with most TV shows I like I’ve taken the approach of “sit around and wait for the wind will blow the lid off the box” aka wait till the news of cancellation or renewal comes across my Twitter feed naturally.

This might not be as deep as the original thought experiment but I like the comparisons enough that I declare(with absolutely no authority) that Schrödinger’s Cat is now Schrödinger’s TV Show.

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Hardest Part of Being a Nerd

You may think it’s the money you have to spend on everything like merch, cons, books, tickets, legos, collectibles, etc. but that’s not the worst part. The truly worst part is the waiting. Waiting for release dates(books and movies), waiting for casting, waiting for any smidgen of news just to know that other people besides yourself are still thinking about it too. That last one’s the worst because when you can’t find any news on one of your obsessions you start to get paranoid that you’re the only one that likes it so why in the world would they continue/do whatever it is, even though the one thing you can find is other people asking the same question. So, I decided to make a list of all the things I can think of right now that I am dying to know but there’s been no news so far. And by doing this hopefully it will put good vibes out into the universe and finally I’ll get the answers/info I’ve been craving.

  • The release date for Winter’s Teeth (Sherwood’s Doom #2) by Tim Hall- I did a whole blog post just about my journey of trying to find out more about this book but obviously still nothing. This one is probably the one I’m most desperate for new, I literally check Tim Hall’s Goodreads once every few weeks to see if there’s news.
  • The release date of the Red, White & Royal Blue movie. I’m just like damn how much post-production is there needed for a romance movie!
  • Set photos from Netflix’s live-action Avatar the Last Airbender. I flip-flop back and forth between being optimistic and pessimistic with this show and I just need to see everyone in costume so that I can truly figure out how high or low I should set my expectations.
  • Any type of news about the Assassin’s Creed show Netflix is supposed to make. It’s been years and I just need to know if doing that show is still a plan or did they scrap it.
  • Info on the next season of a couple of shows Warrior, 50m2 (think it got renewed but now I’m not sure), The Tourist to name a few.
  • Anything about a shit ton of webcomics from artists that I find on Insta who are planning on making a comic or are on hiatus.

There are probably more things I want to know but I can’t think of anymore right now.

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Spotify Wrapped Thoughts

Yup, I gotta do it too but mostly because it makes me think of so many things.

My first thoughts are on my Top Genres. I can only assume Hamilton counts as Hollywood but besides that, I have no clue how Hollywood is a genre. Also what the fuck is Otacore and Epicore?! I have never heard of those before. My next few thoughts are yup that makes sense except for Lion of Love, I know it comes up in my shuffle a lot but I could have sworn other songs played more than that.

The Lin-Manuel Miranda part alone makes me start to wonder how many decimal places out the % goes? But even more than that I can’t help but wonder if there is one person out there that has it say “You are the Top Listener” and if so how much do you have to be listening to a person or song to be the top listener?

My last thought is that I wonder how much it would change if I had Premium(which I don’t) because without a doubt I would have been listening to more songs if I didn’t have to be stingy with my skips. Because that’s the main reason I only really listened to my liked songs over and over because I knew I wouldn’t need to skip as much since I knew I liked them. I’m also curious if there would be more or less Hamilton since I would then be able to listen to the whole show in order without interruptions?

Basically so many questions and so little answers.