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Spotify Wrapped Thoughts

Yup, I gotta do it too but mostly because it makes me think of so many things.

My first thoughts are on my Top Genres. I can only assume Hamilton counts as Hollywood but besides that, I have no clue how Hollywood is a genre. Also what the fuck is Otacore and Epicore?! I have never heard of those before. My next few thoughts are yup that makes sense except for Lion of Love, I know it comes up in my shuffle a lot but I could have sworn other songs played more than that.

The Lin-Manuel Miranda part alone makes me start to wonder how many decimal places out the % goes? But even more than that I can’t help but wonder if there is one person out there that has it say “You are the Top Listener” and if so how much do you have to be listening to a person or song to be the top listener?

My last thought is that I wonder how much it would change if I had Premium(which I don’t) because without a doubt I would have been listening to more songs if I didn’t have to be stingy with my skips. Because that’s the main reason I only really listened to my liked songs over and over because I knew I wouldn’t need to skip as much since I knew I liked them. I’m also curious if there would be more or less Hamilton since I would then be able to listen to the whole show in order without interruptions?

Basically so many questions and so little answers.


I love movies!!!!!!!!!!

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