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Random mini thought #1: Schrödinger’s TV Show

Forget Schrödinger’s Cat, I’m petitioning we change it to Schrödinger’s TV Show. Now, if you are as obsessed with TV shows as I am you might be able to guess where I’m going with this but for those of you who are not let me explain. In Schrödinger’s TV Show, the cat is the tv show, being alive or dead is being renewed/canceled, and opening the box is obviously googling. So, if you never google what’s the fate of a beloved show then it is both canceled and renewed at the same time. Which then in turn makes you both hopeful and depressed at the same time, WooHoo.

But seriously, I’m going through this dilemma right now with the Lockwood & Co. show. Even though I’m preparing myself for a cancellation, I haven’t tried looking it up because I don’t want to confirm my fear. If I don’t google it I can still have hope that it will come back! As everyone knows “Ignorance is bliss” which is Schrödinger’s TV Show’s motto. So, with most TV shows I like I’ve taken the approach of “sit around and wait for the wind will blow the lid off the box” aka wait till the news of cancellation or renewal comes across my Twitter feed naturally.

This might not be as deep as the original thought experiment but I like the comparisons enough that I declare(with absolutely no authority) that Schrödinger’s Cat is now Schrödinger’s TV Show.



I love movies!!!!!!!!!!

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