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BattleBots S07 E13: Predictions

I’m still sad about Sawblazes’ loss last week so maybe this week will make it up to me.

Emulsifier vs. Quantum

As much as I like Emulsifier I like Quantum more so I’ve got to root for them.

Gigabyte vs. End Game

Definitely End Game. If they don’t win it will be because of something crazy.

Shreddit Bro vs. Overhaul

I’m choosing Overhaul to win this fight.

Rotator vs. Fusion

This is this week’s tough one so I’m choosing randomly… Rotator.

Skorpios vs. Ribbot

I’ve obviously got to pick Skorpios since I’m a die-hard hammer saw bot fan.

Dragon King vs. Terrortops

Sorry Terrortops but I like dragons more then dinos so I’m choosing Dragon King.

Copperhead vs. Ripperoni

Ripperoni is pretty good but I think Copperhead has this in the bag.


I love movies!!!!!!!!!!

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