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BattleBots Thoughts: Drama Time!

With my bracket already prepared there are no more predictions to be made so I decided to instead talk about last week’s big drama! That’s right the Riptide v. Shatter fight, and more specifically Riptide itself. I want to start off by saying that even though I love Shatter(in my top 5) and really wanted them to beat Riptide I wasn’t able to lie to myself and say they actually had a chance sadly. So, the outcome wasn’t unexpected but this fight definitely solidified my massive dislike(some might even say hate) of Riptide. I was already super pissed at them for the completely unnecessary destruction of Captain Shrederator, like seriously they were on their back with no hope of flipping over and Riptide still felt the need to keep destroying them. Real dick move, even if they were trying to impress the selection committee, there’s still something called class and sportsmanship. People were calling Jake Ewert the new villain of BattleBots a few seasons ago because of his Huge catcher thing and saying stuff about sportsmanship. What Riptide did was way worse! So, I already was mad at Riptide and then they go and call Team Shatter paranoid even though they literally caught them breaking a rule?!?! It doesn’t matter if it was something innocent like putting decorations on the bot for the walkout, Team Shatter had every right to demand a re-weigh. And they had even more of a reason to demand re-testing after the bot magically weighs less! Like hello!! Where did that missing weight go? Also don’t get me started on that “handshake” Ethan “offered”, no self-respecting person would shake the hand of someone who just said the shit he did about them if they had a choice so I know that he did that just to try and make Adam look like a dick for not shaking his hand.

I would have 100000% done exactly the same thing that Adam did(especially after learning there was more drama in the pits), not only making sure everything was 100% fair but I too wouldn’t shake his hand. All of this is to say I love Shatter and hope with all hope that Riptide does not win.

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BattleBots S07 E15: Predictions

Time for the final weekly predictions before the bracket!

Lucky vs. Cobalt

I’ve got to go with Cobalt in this fight. Though if Lucky gets in a good flip I could also see them winning.

Blip vs. Banshee

I have a feeling Blip might have the lower ground so I have to go with them.

Monsoon vs. Deathroll

Very tough decision but I have to choose Monsoon to win.

Tantrum vs. Whiplash

I have no idea who will win this so I’m just going to root for Whiplash to win.

Hijinx vs. Switchback

I’m not the biggest fan of Hijinx so I have to pick Switchback for this fight.

Slammo! vs. Double Tap

Since we haven’t seen much of Double Tap I have to go with Slammo since they have more experience.

Minotaur vs. Witch Doctor

This is going to be a crazy fight either way but I’m choosing Minotaur in this one.

Well this is my last week to get a 7 out of 7 so let’s keep our fingers crossed.

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BattleBots S07 E14: Predictions

Time for another weeks predictions!

Starchild vs. Huge

I’m not sure how but I definitely think Huge will win this one.

Ominous vs. Shatter!

Battle of the Omi-wheels! As much as I like Ominous and want them to get a nice win Shatter’s in my top 5 bots so I have to root for them.

Triton vs. Horizon

Got to go with Triton with this one.

Bloodsport vs. Beta

This is a tough tough choice but I have to choose Beta. Although I can definitely see Bloodsport winning but I like Beta more.

Mammoth vs. Kraken

As much as I want Kraken to win I just can’t see them actually winning so I have to pick Mammoth in this fight.(but my heart will be rooting for Kraken)

Valkyrie vs. Glitch

With how iffy Valkyrie has been this season I definitely have to go with Glitch winning.

Black Dragon vs. Riptide

Now I have no idea who will win in this fight but I am 100% rooting for Black Dragon to win since Riptides has done some jerkish things this season. Plus I love when a team includes dragon in their name!

Well, here are my predictions. Maybe with the end of the qualifying round coming up I will finally get lucky and get that elusive 7 out of 7 this week?

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BattleBots S07 E13: Predictions

I’m still sad about Sawblazes’ loss last week so maybe this week will make it up to me.

Emulsifier vs. Quantum

As much as I like Emulsifier I like Quantum more so I’ve got to root for them.

Gigabyte vs. End Game

Definitely End Game. If they don’t win it will be because of something crazy.

Shreddit Bro vs. Overhaul

I’m choosing Overhaul to win this fight.

Rotator vs. Fusion

This is this week’s tough one so I’m choosing randomly… Rotator.

Skorpios vs. Ribbot

I’ve obviously got to pick Skorpios since I’m a die-hard hammer saw bot fan.

Dragon King vs. Terrortops

Sorry Terrortops but I like dragons more then dinos so I’m choosing Dragon King.

Copperhead vs. Ripperoni

Ripperoni is pretty good but I think Copperhead has this in the bag.

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BattleBots S07 E12: Predictions

I got 6 out of 7 correct last week so hopefully, I get a 7 out of 7 this week.

Lock-Jaw vs. Madcatter

There both really good bots but I have to choose Madcatter in this fight.

Gruff vs. Malice

I’ve got to pick Gruff for this fight.

Doomba vs. Dragon King

While I haven’t seen Dragon King fight yet I have to go with them in this fight since the only fight I’ve seen with Doomba did not go well for them at allll.

Claw Viper vs. Hypershock

As much as I enjoy Claw Viper(especially this season) I’ve got to call Hypershock in this fight.

Free Shipping vs. Big Dill

Not 100% sure but I feel like Big Dill has this one.

Shreddit Bro vs. Lucky

Lucky all the way.

Sawblaze vs. Hydra

Oh, the dreaded fight of my number 1 and number 2 favorite bots fighting. As much as I love them both I of course have to go with the bestest bot around SAWBLAZE!

Fingers crossed that I get every prediction right(especially that last one).

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BattleBots S07 E11: Predictions

It’s finally back!!! Everything is right with the world and I can get back to doing predictions.

Black Dragon vs. Beta

This is a tough one because I want Beta to win but ultimately I think Black Dragon will win.

Cobalt vs. Overhaul

Definitely Cobalt.

Switchback vs. Ominous

Another tough one so I’m going to go with the one that I want to win, Ominous.

Triton vs. Glitch

I want Triton to win so I going with them for this fight.

Gigabyte vs. Starchild

Here’s another awkward fight where I’m not sure how Gigabyte could win but since Starchild hasn’t been doing good I’m choosing Gigabyte this fight.

Jackpot vs. Captain Shrederator

I’m rooting for Jackpot in this fight.

Rotator vs. Bloodsport

Not sure who will win this one but I’m rooting for Bloodsport.

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BattleBots S07 E09: Predictions

Once again it’s time for me to make my predictions/wishes.

Gruff vs. Witch Doctor

I’m not sure about this one but I’m feeling Witch Doctor.

Malice vs. Valkyrie

I’ve got to go with Malice with this one.

Madcatter vs. Big Dill

Definitely have to choose Madcatter in this fight.

Ribbot vs. Jackpot

Tough choice in this fight so I’m randomly going to pick… Ribbot.

Skorpios vs. Sawblaze

No doubt I’ve got to choose my number one Sawblaze!

Ripperoni vs. Hijinx

I think Ripperoni has a good chance in this fight so I think they’ll win.

Endgame vs. Hypershock

I really like Hypershock so I hope they win this fight.

And as always let’s hope I can guess them all right this time.

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BattleBots S07 E08: Predictions

I did pretty well last week so let’s hope that continues this week too.

Free Shipping vs. Hydra

Definitely have to go with Hydra.

Huge vs. Fusion

I’m not sure about this one but I’m going to root for Fusion in this fight.

Lock-Jaw vs. Glitch

I feel like Glitch could have a good chance at winning so I’m picking them for this fight.

Beta vs. Shatter!

Considering Shatter is in my top 5 favorite bots I obviously have to root for them but sadly I’m not super confident they will win.

Quantum vs. Black Dragon

While Black Dragon is really good I’m just really enjoying Quantum this season so I hope Quantum wins.

Terrortops vs. Slammo

Terrortops looks pretty cool so I’m rooting for them in this fight.

Tantrum vs. Blip

I enjoy a good flipper bot so I hope Blip wins this one.

This week is definitely a more like a wish list of who I want to win instead of who I actually think will win so lets see if my wishes are granted.

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BattleBots S07 E06: Predictions

Still trying to correctly guess that elusive 7 out of 7 so let’s hope for success this time.

Jackpot vs. Rotator

I keep flipping back and forth with who to pick with this fight so I guess I pick Jackpot.

Switchback vs. Deathroll

This is another coin-flip fight for me so I’m going for Deathroll on this one.

Big Dill vs. Skorpios

Obviously, I have to root for my favorite type of bot in this one, so Skorpios.

End Game vs. Ripperoni

I would love to root for Ripperoni but End Game is just to solid so I bet End Game will win.

Valkyrie vs. Banshee

I enjoy a flipper bot so I’ve got to pick Banshee in this fight.

Hijinx vs. Captain Shrederator

I’ve got to pick Hijinx in this fight.

Tantrum vs. Hydra

Time for a rematch! And just like last time, I’m rooting for Hydra to win.