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BattleBots S07 E09: Predictions

Once again it’s time for me to make my predictions/wishes.

Gruff vs. Witch Doctor

I’m not sure about this one but I’m feeling Witch Doctor.

Malice vs. Valkyrie

I’ve got to go with Malice with this one.

Madcatter vs. Big Dill

Definitely have to choose Madcatter in this fight.

Ribbot vs. Jackpot

Tough choice in this fight so I’m randomly going to pick… Ribbot.

Skorpios vs. Sawblaze

No doubt I’ve got to choose my number one Sawblaze!

Ripperoni vs. Hijinx

I think Ripperoni has a good chance in this fight so I think they’ll win.

Endgame vs. Hypershock

I really like Hypershock so I hope they win this fight.

And as always let’s hope I can guess them all right this time.



I love movies!!!!!!!!!!

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