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Red Rising Review

I absolutely loooooooved this book, which was surprising since sci-fi isn’t my number one genre. But I think the fact that this book flawlessly blended a futuristic society with an ancient Roman society allowed it to create a slight fantasy feel to it that I thoroughly enjoyed. And that’s not the only thing I loved about this book because I literally loved everything about this book. I was on edge the whole time wondering how Darrow was going to survive(because I knew/hoped he had to due to there being more books), let alone win. But what truly had me stressing was knowing that Darrow was going to have to change to win but at the same time wanting him to stay true to himself. Oh wait, there was one other thing that had me on the edge of my seat more, and that is wishing that out of all of Darrow’s friends that at least Sevro lives. Honestly, if all of his friends died but Sevro still lived I would have been content(sad but content). I love that crazy little guy and so so so so hope that he stays alive and more importantly loyal to Darrow in the rest of the books. (if he doesn’t my heart is going to break)

Now, if you held a gun to my head and told me to say something bad about Red Rising I guess I would say that the passage of time was vague. But then that would be a lie because even the vagueness of how much time has passed only helped show how little control Darrow had of his life after he agreed to the mission. Basically, all of this boils down to this book being an absolutely positively perfect 10 out of 10.



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