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The Lost Patient Review

I came across this movie randomly on Netflix and thought it sounded intriguing, plus I love finding new foreign films to watch. But man, was I disappointed. This movie was depressing, boring, and weird(and not in a good way). There were so many things wrong with it, first is that it was not a compelling watch at all. My attention kept getting pulled away to more interesting things around me, which is a big problem when you’re watching a movie with subtitles. Second, although some of the details added were important to the plot, it all still felt so random. I just kept saying to myself “why the fuck was this added” because it never felt like it added to the plot.

Now, this next complaint is a spoiler FYI, but I’m not a huge fan of amnesia movies that make you care for the mc only to switch it around and make them the bad guy at the end. I’ve come across quite a few movies/shows like this and some can pull it off but this one did not. Instead of being this unexpected twist, it was pretty predictable, which made it a boring “twist.” But that pales in comparison to the number one reason I disliked this movie I hated the ending. It was one of those endings that felt so abrupt, almost like a cliffhanger but without the knowledge that it will be fixed later. To me, the movie didn’t feel like it wrapped everything up it just felt like it ended right then and there. There was absolutely zero satisfaction at the end so I have to give this movie a 3 out of 10.


I love movies!!!!!!!!!!

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