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BattleBots S07 E12: Predictions

I got 6 out of 7 correct last week so hopefully, I get a 7 out of 7 this week.

Lock-Jaw vs. Madcatter

There both really good bots but I have to choose Madcatter in this fight.

Gruff vs. Malice

I’ve got to pick Gruff for this fight.

Doomba vs. Dragon King

While I haven’t seen Dragon King fight yet I have to go with them in this fight since the only fight I’ve seen with Doomba did not go well for them at allll.

Claw Viper vs. Hypershock

As much as I enjoy Claw Viper(especially this season) I’ve got to call Hypershock in this fight.

Free Shipping vs. Big Dill

Not 100% sure but I feel like Big Dill has this one.

Shreddit Bro vs. Lucky

Lucky all the way.

Sawblaze vs. Hydra

Oh, the dreaded fight of my number 1 and number 2 favorite bots fighting. As much as I love them both I of course have to go with the bestest bot around SAWBLAZE!

Fingers crossed that I get every prediction right(especially that last one).



I love movies!!!!!!!!!!

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