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Wolf Hunt (Risen and Hunted Book 2) Review

This book goes into the I’m conflicted pile. As a whole, I’m pretty okay with the story especially how the werewolves and witches are done. But there were just too many things that I had a problem with for me to love this book. The most minor problem, which I didn’t mention in the review for the first book, was that there are way too many exclamation marks. I like to think that I’m like the average person and when I see an exclamation mark in a book I assume the speaker is yelling or is extremely excited. So, it messed with me a lot in this series when there were moments where there were exclamation marks but it made no sense why they’d be yelling or it was a pretty normal conversation. Now, this was an extremely minor issue compared to the problems I have with the balance of the POVs. Call me stickler but when I read a book that has switches between multiple POVs including a POV of the antagonist I prefer if the amount of switches leans heavily towards the main character/s. I especially don’t want what feels like 80% of the book to be solely from the bad guys’ point of view. I also don’t appreciate it we barely get any point of view from the person whose supposed to be 1/2 of the main focus of that book. Seriously, Alan’s struggle and the bad guys trying to find Alan was the whole point of this book but I felt like Alan barely got any “screen time” if you know what I mean.

The POV issue was my biggest issue but there was also another problem I had… the ending. If it wasn’t for the last page I would have been seriously pissed with the ending. I hate it when the main character loses what makes them special/different at the end, so this book was just able to avoid that. But on that same note, I can’t help thinking “Why bother curing Alan just to have him become a werewolf again when you could have just made the cure only half work?”. Basically, a bunch of stuff pissed me off in this book but it was semi-redeemed by my like of the premise of the book and the fact that Alan kinda still ends the book as a werewolf. All together I would give this book a 6 out of 10 not horrible but I’m definitely not going to reread it.



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