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The President Heads Thoughts

So, most of my family and I went to see the President Heads this weekend and if you know anything about it then it’s exactly what you’d expect. It just screams eerie dystopian landmark. Which is what makes it cool. My main thought I had after visiting is that I’m “afraid” for when it either has to close permanently(because all the heads have completely decayed) or the bigger “fear” that it will eventually become too commercialized. I’m more worried about that second “fear” because the thing that makes this place special is that it has that vibe of being a little know roadside attraction with a touch of “finding an abandoned building in a forest” mystery to it. And once it becomes too popular they would have to eventually do things like make actual sidewalks, add drainage, add protection from the elements, and worst of all restore the heads. Doing all of that would ruin the feel of this place. But at the same time if stuff like that doesn’t happen then eventually the heads won’t exist anymore so really it’s a double edged sword. I’m just glad that I’ve seen it now before any of that has a chance at happening.



I love movies!!!!!!!!!!

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